Working with patients with physical disabilities

We have vast experience when it comes to working with and supporting patients with physical disabilities. At Kentish Home Care, we specialise in helping disabled people enjoy as much freedom and independence as possible whilst keeping them safe within their homes. If you need to find help for someone who struggles with bathing, cooking, dressing or other activities within the home, we can help. We can even assist you or them with activities like shopping and paying bills.

Bespoke care plans

Why not talk to us today if you’re living with a physical disability, or need to arrange help for someone that does? We are happy to look at unique, specific circumstances in order to create bespoke care plans that fully address all relevant issues and allow our clients to live the most prosperous lives possible. We have been working with patients with physical disabilities for more than a quarter of a century and are renowned for our flexibility. This flexibility means we can be hired on an as-needed basis, or provide round-the-clock care. We understand that you may want to ask a large number of questions before you come to a decision on whether to work with us. Why not contact us today if you do have any queries about the services we provide?

First-class person-centred care

We have the utmost respect for our clients’ privacy and dignity and pride ourselves on the quality of the person-centred care we provide. Risks present in the home are always assessed thoroughly to diminish the chances of accidents occuring, and our clients are able to contact us at any point if they have any queries or require any extra assistance. Why not get in touch today to find out more about the work we do for people with physical disabilities at Kentish Care Home?

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