When 24hr care in the home might be a necessity

Sometimes, care is something that has to be given around the clock. An elderly person is just as likely to need assistance during the night as any other time. In fact, they might need services during the night more than at any other point. Luckily, we at Kentish Homecare understand this, which is why we offer 24hr care in the home.

Full services around the clock

Sometimes, taking care of someone isn’t just as simple as arranging something for either during the day or during the night. Instead, they can require assistance pretty much constantly. For this reason, Kentish Homecare know that a 24hr care service is something that could benefit a lot of people.

Most often, people only require assistance for maybe an hour or two a day, or at least can schedule when exactly they’ll need help. However, 24-hour care in the home is sometimes a necessity and an elderly person can become reliant on this. We can assure you that our staff is more than capable of taking on this task so you don’t have to worry about a friend or loved one.

24 hour care covers a lot. It can include the likes of bathing or showering, helping with hygiene-based tasks such as brushing teeth,helping with clothes and hair and preparing meals for them throughout the day, as well as snacks. Also, they might need help getting fed or going to the toilet, both of which can be done by our professionals.

Experts on 24h care

You can’t deny that sometimes, 24hr care in the home is a necessity. If you have a family and a job, then there’s no way you can be expected to take this burden on yourself which is why you should strongly consider Kentish Homecare and the services that we offer. We go beyond what is expected of us and can assure you that every elderly person in our care is well looked after.

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