What is the purpose of respite care

Many people, as they age, lose their ability to care for themselves or their home in ways to which they have become accustomed. However, at the same time, they might not be enthusiastic about moving into a care home; they might prefer to stay where they already live.
For that to be possible, they might need a caregiver – and a relative, friend or neighbour may volunteer to fulfil that responsibility without receiving payment to do so. However, looking after that older adult could be testing on the caregiver – and this is where respite care can help.

A change is as good as a rest

With respite care, the usual caregiver spends a predetermined period of time away from their usual care tasks while a respite caregiver takes over. This time freed up for the other caregiver can be hugely valuable, as they might have various other responsibilities that need attention.
That person might, for example, have children to think about or jobs on which they are financially highly reliant. They might also, of course, have their own house that needs to be lovingly maintained. All things considered, that caregiver might just feel the need to recharge their batteries.

During a period of respite care, the standard caregiver can spend time focusing on all of these things and more. There are also benefits for the older adult, as they will have someone new to chat to and can still receive the care that they require.
That person could even spend their time of respite care on a holiday or visiting a relative’s home. However, they can continue to benefit from specialist care that meets their specific needs – rather than a possibly unhelpful “one-size-fits-all” approach.

What can be specifically expected with a respite care service

As we know that home care service requirements can significantly vary between people who need homecare, we can tailor our services to suit. Respite visits can also vary in length – from a few hours to numerous weeks. So, what types of services can be included with a Kentish Homecare package?

Those services can include forms of personal care – like bathing and dressing the old person and assisting them in getting in and out of bed. Also included can be practical assistance in the home – including tasks like washing, cleaning, cooking and returning items to where they should be.
There is even more that a respite care and sitting service can provide. For details, you can look at the respite care page of our website or call Kentish Homecare on 0208 658 4455. We will be content to answer any questions you may have concerning our respite care offerings.

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