What is 24 hour home care

<h2>What is 24 hour home care and how can it benefit you/ your loved one</h2>
24 hour home care is help offered to the elderly and is adapted to meet their specific needs.  The carer will help the client both physically and emotionally, by providing assistance and companionship.  Home care allows you or your loved one to receive the right care for you, from the comfort of your own home.

<h2>Who requires 24 hour home care</h2>
24 hour home care is often a cheaper alternative to moving into a residential or nursing home and is offered to anyone who needs it.  This could be an individual who requires constant care and help but wishes to remain in their own home.  You may also wish to hire 24 hour home care temporarily if you or your loved one requires help after surgery, an accident or an illness
<h3>What are the benefits for you/your loved one</h3>
Live-in care allows you or your loved one to continue a normal routine, surrounded by friends and neighbours while receiving some extra help.  A live-in carer provides specialised one-on-one care, whereas, at a care home, a nurse’s attention will be divided between a number of patients.  24-hour care also provides companionship as you will establish a personal, close relationship with your carer, the likes of which is less achievable in a care home.
Your mind will be put at ease as you will receive constant help, meaning you are less likely to fall and injure yourself.  You are also less likely to get ill than if you were living in a shared environment.  You will be given assistance when completing everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, taking a shower or cooking dinner.  They will also be able to drive you around and assist you on trips out of the house.  Having a live in carer provides reassurance that you or your loved one are receiving the best help and it provides a certain security.  You relatives will also have more freedom to visit you as they will not be restricted by care home visiting hours.

Kentish Homecare provides 24 hour home care in Kent and offers flexibility to all clients.  If some days you only need a carer for a couple of hours and other days 24-hour live-in care is required, we will be happy to help.  Knowing 24-hour care is available if required brings peace of mind and reassurance.  We strive to provide a personal service, understanding everybody has different needs, and we will offer a profession and friendly service.

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