Types of assisted living services

It’s a common misconception that the likes of assisted living, care homes, and care services are just for the elderly. Anyone who struggles with everyday activities and tasks may benefit from some form of care; be it that they have a learning difficulty, a debilitating medical condition, or a physical disability that prevents them from dressing, washing, or getting around. It could even be that a perfectly healthy person is recovering from a lengthy stay in hospital due to an injury or illness, and simply needs a bit of health whilst they get back on their feet again.

Regardless of the reason for wanting or needing care, there are quite a few different types of assisted living services at hand;

Most assisted living services will take place in a senior living community of sorts. These communities consist of living spaces for residents, and communal rooms and spaces.  Living spaces could be anything from a single room to a full apartment, and may either be private or shared. Communal spaces could include the likes of dining rooms, cafes, fitness rooms, a library, a games room, parlours, and other spaces for leisure.

Whatever the layout of the community, there will always be staff on hand to assist with daily activities – things such as cooking meals, washing and bathing, housekeeping services, and providing transportation if need be.
Sometimes, a person may require care, but may not be able to or may not wish to move out of their current home. It could be that they find the familiar surroundings comforting, or that they have a pet or family member that they would like to stay close to. In this case, many assisted living services will take place in the person’s own home.
These services can range from things such as pet care, to assistance with cooking meals, to more full-time care, or night care services.

If you think that you or a loved one would benefit from assisted living services in the home, please don’t hesitate to contact Kentish Homecare services – Kent’s leading providers of a wide array of care services.

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