Tips for caregivers

Being a caregiver can be an extremely rewarding job, but it can also provide a lot of stress, particularly if you have been given a lot of responsibility when it comes to things like meal preparation, medication and helping out in the home. If you’ve only just become a caregiver and need some advice on how to get the support you need, here are some tips.

Communicate effectively
The key to all good relationships is knowing how to communicate effectively. This does not only mean communicating with the person who you’re caring for, but communicating well with those who work alongside you as well as doctor and other people involved in the care.

Know your limits
Be realistic about the amount of time and effort you can put into care giving. Regardless of whether you’re looking after a family member or are employed within a home care company, you could be under a huge amount of responsibility which could in turn weigh you down.

Encourage independence
More often than not, care giving does not mean doing everything for your loved one or patient and sometimes an important part of the role is to encourage them to be independent. Be open to strategies and technologies that will allow the person you’re caring for to do things for themselves.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Care giving can trigger a whole range of different emotions including anger, fear, guilt, resentment and helplessness. If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, it can be comforting to seek advice from others in the same position who will know exactly how you feel.

Attend to your own needs, too
It is essential that you receive the correct amount of support so that you can give the right level of care. Good care should support both the physical and emotional wellbeing of you and the person you’re caring for.

Kentish Home Care can provide services including personal care, medication, meal preparation, housekeeping and caring for pets from the short or long term whether you require 24 hour help or are just seeking company for a few hours a day.

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