There is no “One Size Fits All” Plan for Elderly Homecare in Beckenham

Everyone needs help sometimes but typically there is a spouse, family or friends on hand to offer assistance. However, what if you or a loved one lives alone or does not have someone nearby that can help at certain times of day? Kentish Homecare can fill in the gap. We specialise in private home and elderly home care. Beckenham and Bromley residents in the Greater London area can benefit from a personalised care plan.

Your Needs are Different from Others

Every person’s situation is different so it is important not to choose a care plan that is standardised. Whether it is simply a few hours a week of personal services or a more intensive rehabilitation plan where a care provider must work in tandem with other providers such as a nurse or therapist, Kentish can create a bespoke care plan individualised for you or a loved one.

Beckenham elderly home care starts with an assessment of the current health situation for you or your loved one. Having a family friend or family member sit in on the assessment is important so that all aspects of the care plan can be covered, including voicing questions and concerns.

Full Service Home Care Available

With personal elderly home care in Beckenham, services could encompass aid in daily grooming including bathing, dressing and toilet use. Meal planning is an option as is general housekeeping as sometimes it is these two things that tend to slide first. Kentish can also help with taking care of personal affairs such as paying bills, shopping for the home, or even transportation and assistance in attending social and family events.

Around the clock help can be tough on family and friends who care for you or a loved one. In regards to elderly home care, Beckenham area residents could benefit from 24-hour care. Someone would always be on hand to aid in a variety of daily tasks for cooking and cleaning to keeping medications straight. A sitting service or even just night-time service is an option as well.

You or your loved one can maintain independence in the home without feeling like a burden to others. Beckenham elderly home care provided by Kentish returns a sense of autonomy back to you with a feeling of security for family and friends, knowing you are being taken care of while enjoying a better quality of life.

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