The Role Of Elderly Care Services In Bromley

Bromley lies in South East London. It is a large borough with a diverse population. In Bromley, according to statistics by the Department of Health, the elderly live longer. More important for the present and future of elderly care services in Bromley, they remain consistently longer in their own homes. This is important for Kentish Homecare as they continue to provide the necessary services to continue this trend.

Why is Staying in the Home Important?

Many seniors want to remain in their homes. They have no desire to move into a retirement facility. The reasons vary from senior to senior, but essentially they boil down to the following:

  1. Comfortable: Seniors feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. They know where everything is. They have positioned everything in the exact right spot.
  2. Memories: Homes and places evoke the past. A lifetime of experiences lived and felt have happened in many senior’s homes. Even if they have lived there a short time, they have all the trappings around them that can recall the past
  3. Independence: Independence is an important part of life. It is often how we define one aspect of our character. At a certain age, we can no longer drive a vehicle. We may have to give up our car keys, but do we need to give up this last little bit of an independent life? Not with Kentish Homecare providing elderly care services in Bromley, we don’t.
  4. Family and Friends: In several instances, the family home or apartment has an extra room for people to stay over. Sometimes it is a fold-up couch, but it is still there when a senior needs the company. It is an open invitation and a reminder of all the home means and can continue to offer.
  5. Safety Reasons: Seniors often feel safe in their homes. Whether it is an apartment or a house, they are aware of who lives what and what schedules they keep. They also feel safe because they know where everything is. They know where the medications are, the fridge, the bathroom and the entries and exists. Even if they become befuddled, habit can kick in
  6. Cost: Living at home can be far less expensive than going into any form of assisted living. It may require some managing to make sure the home or apartment remains in peak condition, but it can be done easily and, can still allow for help from such agencies as Kentish Homecare.

At Kentish Homecare, we provide elderly care services to Bromley that will allow a senior to remain in his or her home. This provides relief for the senior. It also allow anyone who cares about the elderly person to relax, knowing someone else can regularly supply the help and care he or she needs.

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