The different types of homecare available

You might have reached a point where, due to physical handicaps brought about due to age or illness, you are no longer able to get around your home as easily or take care of all of your usual household responsibilities. In this situation, Kentish Homecare can help. There are various kinds of homecare available – and which of them you should use will depend on the type of assistance you need.

Personal care

It is desirable to preserve personal independence, but this could escape you should you be unable to fulfil personal care tasks like washing or dressing yourself. Whether you prefer to shower or bathe and regardless of the kind of clothing you routinely wear, we offer staff who can help you handle a range of personal care responsibilities – from combing your hair right through to using the toilet.

Housekeeping services

As well as making sure you are personally looked after, you also need to extend such care to the house in which you live. However, if it is no longer possible for you to keep on top of housekeeping  duties like washing dishes, making beds and sweeping floors, we can provide you with a personal caregiver who can take care of all of these duties and more.

Night care

If your usual struggles with self-care usually continue – or strengthen – during the night, then you might benefit from a night caregiver. They can take over when the day caregiver – perhaps a relative, friend or partner of you, the person being looked after – goes “off duty”.
There are two types of night care service: waking service and sitting service. With waking service, the caregiver can stay awake right through the night should they be requested – or need – to do so. Sitting service, meanwhile, is for less demanding cases; the caregiver can nap but stay “on call”.

24-hour care

There are instances where you might require care right around the clock. Such instances could include the aftermath of illness, an accident, surgery or a lengthy stay in hospital. Alternatively, a friend, family member or partner might be about to embark on a long period of absence.
With 24-hour care, you can rest assured that professional assistance is always available. That assistance can come from one of our caregivers here at Kentish Homecare. More details about our 24-hour care service – and, indeed, our services in personal care, housekeeping and night care – are available when you call Kentish Homecare on 0208 658 4455.

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