The benefits of the elderly owning pets

In the case of many people who reach an elderly age, their lives can feel barren and lonely. However, they can enjoy reassuring company from a cute and friendly pet. Many of us love our furry or feathery creatures, but there are especially good reasons why the elderly can enjoy owning and caring for pets.

A new friend with an optimistic sense of the now

Old age often means living alone, and this can be depressing. With fewer opportunities to socially interact and physically exercise than they might have previously been accustomed to, an elderly person could become stressed and preoccupied with negative thoughts.
Those thoughts could include what might happen in the future, a potentially very scary subject for an old person. However, pets very much live in the present moment without fretting about tomorrow. This attitude to life can rub off on an elderly owner and so perk their spirits.

A happy pet and a happy owner

When a new pet enters an elderly person’s life, it can be a delightful moment for both that person and their pet. Whether it be a dog, cat, bird or other animal, it could be a pet that was previously unwanted but now has a warm, comfortable home with a loving owner.
The bond formed between the owner and pet could also lead the former to research the type of animal or breed that their new friend is. This can benefit the owner through mentally stimulating them – and, of course, help them more effectively take care of their pet.
The mental stimulation could be such that the owner can, even if they suffer from memory loss, recall memories from a distant past. Caring for pets can also help distract elderly people from physical problems they might be suffering or loss that inevitably comes with ageing.

What if the owner becomes too ill to take care of their pet

Given all of these benefits, it can unsurprisingly be a trying time when the owner suffers an illness that prevents them properly looking after their pet. Though one apparent solution might be to remove this pet from the home while their owner is recovering, this can actually be problematic…
If the owner and pet share a strong bond, then taking away the pet – someone who unconditionally loves them and has long been there for them – could add to anguish that the owner is already experiencing as a result of their illness.

Fortunately, here at Kentish Homecare, we can provide a caregiver capable of looking after both the elderly individual and pet homecare. As a result, the owner and pet can stay together in their current, reassuringly familiar home. Please call Kentish Homecare on 0208 658 4455 to learn more about our pet care services.

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