Take a Break with Respite Home Health Care in Bromley

Some families are lucky and have the ability to care for a loved one in the home so independence can be maintained while living in a familiar place. However, around the clock care can be draining both physically and emotionally for both the family caregiver and the loved one. It is in situations like this that respite home health care in Bromley makes perfect sense.

Kentish Home Care offers respite and sitting services as well as others that can be tailored to a patient’s needs. Breaks are necessary for the family caregiver as well as the loved one to maintain perspective and head off feelings of resentment and loss of control.

Defining Respite Home Health Care

Bromley area residents who care for someone often do so out of the kindness and affection they have for the loved one. No matter how good the relationship, it can still be stressful. Plus, the caregiver likely has many other responsibilities that they juggle. At some point, something has got to give. With the respite care provided by Kentish, the family caregiver can take a break while the loved one still receives the assistance necessary to stay in the home.

Tailor-Made Plans for Individuals

Individual personalities and quirks are often the reason why a “one size fits all” kind of care plan does not work. Bromley home health care can be customized to suit the needs of the individual, both in duties and in time. Both you and your loved one can meet with staff at Kentish to determine exactly what services are required. For instance, personal care assistance might be needed such as help getting out of bed or even showering and dressing.

Household duties such as cooking, cleaning and laundry might be part of the plan for home health care. Bromley residents who need services might also inquire about assistance for sorting out medication. Some people take multiple medications at different dosages at different times of day. It can get confusing! Respite care could include this type of aid.

Of course, sometimes a loved one simply needs a friendly, sympathetic ear. In this case, Kentish can arrange sitting services as part of Bromley home health care. Nothing strenuous is involved, but the opportunity to socialize with someone other than a family caregiver can be of great benefit. Many care options exist with Kentish Home Care.

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