Scheduling Pet Care for Home Ridden Patients

Studies show that pets provide a sense of companionship, love, and happiness to those who live alone or spend a lot of time at home. It’s been proven that animals can even help people fight depression, recover emotionally, and help those with learning disabilities interact and engage in ways not seen in traditional educational settings. People who desire to live an independent life at home, but struggle with a chronic illness that leaves them unable to provide proper care for a pet, can get the help they need from a home health services nurse or aide.

Pass on the Responsibility, Not the Pet

Hearing that you must spend most of your time at home recovering from a major surgery or dealing with a chronic illness can cause you to sink into a depressive state. Telling someone that he or she must get rid of a beloved pet because of an inability to properly care for it will only exacerbate a depressive state. Instead of forcing someone to relinquish their pet, hire a professional from home health services. Beckenham residents don’t need to worry about losing the love and companionship of a small dog or cat because there are services available that will work with you to create a tailor made pet care plan.

Pet Care Plans for Your Needs

Most likely, if you’re recovering from surgery or fighting an illness, you will need some form of home health services to assist with basic needs, medications, and doctor visits. Since the goal of a home healthcare agency is to help you maintain as much independence as possible, most of them are more than happy to help with pet care. You may only need part-time care, depending on someone to feed your dog in the morning and walk it during the day until a family caregiver helps at night. You may need temporary pet care until your recovery is further along and you are better able to care for an animal. Whatever your needs, a tailor made pet care plan will lay out all the details of the best ways to care for your pet while you recover from surgery or manage your health.

Rehoming Services

Although it’s not ideal, there are some situations where you will need to consider rehoming your pet. If your doctor believes it’s best not to have a pet in the home because of your illness, or if you can no longer financially support the needs of an animal, you may have to consider finding it a new, loving home. With the right home health services, Beckenham pet lovers can feel confident that your nurse or aide will try to assist you with finding a new home for your pet. If you don’t have anyone else that can help, your aide can make phone calls to local animal doctors or pet agencies to see the best ways to go about finding a new home for your pet. If you have a friend of family member willing to take your pet, your home care provider can help you through the struggle of saying goodbye and adjusting to life without your pet. While any medical professional understands the benefits of having a pet to love during a difficult time, it’s important to remember that your health must remain a priority.

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