Rehabilitation Services Help Elderly Patients Recover Faster

Studies show that someone’s mental state is as important to recovery as their physical state. If a person undergoes a surgery or needs to recover from a medical issue, feeling comfortable, secure, and dignified is as important as taking the right medications and receiving the right therapy. With an elderly rehabilitation service, you or a loved one can receive the care they need right in the comfort of home. Patients who are able to recover at home may recover faster because they thrive on the confidence that comes from being able to recover in a familiar environment that allows for privacy. At Kentish Homecare, we offer elderly rehabilitation service to help you regain your confidence after returning home from a hospital stay.

Help with Personal Needs

The recovery process may require you to accept help for personal needs like bathing, eating, or walking. Our home health caregivers are experts at providing recovery services that help you regain your independence while still offering the support you need. Unlike a hospital, where you are given different nurses and possibly interrupted by other patients or doctors you aren’t familiar with, your elderly rehabilitation service caregiver will be the same person who learns how to work to meet your needs.

Respite Care for Loved Ones

Many people recover better when surrounded by loved ones, and being surrounded by loved ones in your own home is superior to people visiting you at the hospital. Even if you have a team of family members willing to help, hiring a professional caregiver will allow your family members a night off so that they can unwind and rest. Caregiving is a big responsibility, and the better refreshed your caregivers are, the better care they provide. With elderly rehabilitation service, you don’t have to worry about over burdening your loved ones because the respite worker will provide the break they need.

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