Private Home Care Helps Foster Independence

Many elderly people need assistance with daily activities in order to remain in their home and live independently later in life. With private home care services in Bromley, the elderly can maintain independence by receiving help from homecare workers. Typical tasks that a carer can provide is cleaning, cooking, and of course help with medications, medical concerns, and rehabilitation procedures. Kentish Homecare has been providing private home care services for families for over 25 years, planning and implementing bespoke care plans to insure that our company meets all needs and concerns.

Short-Term Care Needs

Short-term needs are those needed on a temporary basis while recovering from an illness, a surgery, or while the main caregiver takes a break. Our expert services include personal care, such as bathing or personal hygiene needs, small housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, pet care, and basic companionship. You can schedule private home care services for a few hours once a week, or a few hours spread over the course of a week. Even with short-term care, you may find that you enjoy the reduction of burdensome tasks and request services for the long term.

Long-Term Care Needs

Long-term care involves a multifaceted approach to you or a loved one’s care. Kentish Homecare offers 24-hour private home care services for Bromley patients and will schedule qualified nurses to be at your home around the clock. If you need overnight care, our company can provide a carer who can stay the night to prevent falls, assist with medications, or help with any other issues that may arise. Sometimes, it’s just comforting to know that someone else is sleeping in the other room, which is all some patients want. By providing different options for care, our patients receive the care they need without having to give up the independence and comforts of living at home.

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