Post-Surgery Care for Your or a Loved One

When you have a major surgery, you may spend days or weeks in a hospital to recover. Eventually, though, the hospital will send you home to continue healing. For some people, this is a relief. They’ve been waiting for the day they could leave the hospital bed and return to the comforts of home. For others, returning home has its own set of worries. If the surgery requires an extensive healing process at home, there may be worries about how to care for daily tasks, how to care for wounds or bandages, and how to keep the home clean enough while not being able to do any heavy lifting or brisk tasks.

With home health care, Bromley residents don’t have to worry about feeling stranded at home when recovering from major surgery. With an assistant who can take care of daily tasks and help with medical concerns, most people find that recovering at home is much easier than recovering in the hospital.

Less Worry about Medical Issues

With any surgery, there is always a risk of infection setting in upon leaving the hospital. The hospital usually provides intravenous fluids and medications while admitted, but once your body stops receiving a steady flow of these medications and fluids it can lead to an infection. With home health care, you can feel confident that your post-surgery health is being monitored and that your nurse or aide will contact your doctor at the first sign of infection or other problem.

Your home health aide will also work with you to create a care plan following surgery. He or she will administer your medications, insuring that you receive the proper dosage and have the necessary refills. This is helpful if you take medications that make you drowsy, which can affect your ability to remember if you’ve taken your medication, which puts you at risk for overdosing on pain relievers or sleeping pills.

Care for Daily Tasks

Following surgery, your or a loved one may need help with daily tasks.
Competent home health care professionals will help you take care of cleaning, cooking, and shopping while you’re recovering. You can create a tailor made menu based on your dietary needs, which a nurse will prepare and serve you fresh or pre-cook the meals for you or a family member to reheat when you’re hungry. You can also request that your aide perform grocery shopping, ship out parcels, and help you pay your bills during the recovery process.

If your surgery leaves you with a lack of muscle control, you can receive home-based therapy to help you build muscle and coordination while relearning life skills. Whether it’s learning to brush your teeth or walk without support, with home health care, Bromley residents can feel confident that their best interests are at the heart of each care provider. If you need help even after recovering, you can request services until you’ve regained your full strength and feel ready to tackle the world again.

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