Pets and the Health Benefits for Older Adults

Having pets can be enriching for anyone and it can be particularly helpful to older adults, especially if they live alone. The companionship of a pet can be very comforting to an elderly person. Whether it’s a dog or cat, pet bird or other animal, it’s something that a person who lives alone can benefit from.

Pets Can Help the Elderly

Studies have even shown that pets provide benefits to the elderly, going as far as lowering stress levels. Many seniors homes have visits from pets. Dogs and cats, in particular, are often brought in to keep the senior citizens company.

In addition, service animals can help people by providing for their needs, as well as the benefit of pets helping older adults stay in shape with regular exercise, too. Daily walks with a dog can ensure that you get fresh air, vitamin D, and exercise.

Before You Rehome an Elderly Loved One’s Pet:

Pets aren’t always easy to care for when you have mobility issues, when you’ve had surgery or an accident, or when you are getting older.  Some people feel that once their loved one becomes too elderly to look after their pet that they should re-home the pet.  This can cause stress and be traumatic for your loved one. Before removing a pet from your elderly loved one’s home, it’s prudent to look at alternatives that benefit your loved one and ensure the animal also receives the care and attention needed.

For those who want pets but aren’t sure they have the ability to provide regular exercise, grooming, trips to the veterinarian, and so forth, there is help available.  Beyond regular pet sitting or dog walking services, if you receive homecare, pet care services can be added to the services provided by your professional carer.

At Kentish Homecare, we offers a variety of services tailored to your needs. We would be pleased to provide you with a consultation where we can discuss your needs.

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