Pet sitting services

If you’re recovering from an illness or can no longer get around like you could before, but require assistance with looking after a pet, we can help. At Kentish Homecare, we can provide you and your companion with the care and attention you deserve. Many studies have shown how keeping a pet can prolong your life and even demonstrated how having an animal at home can provide various health benefits. However, looking after a pet can become a challenge when you fall ill. Nonetheless, we can provide the first-class pet sitting services you require so your pet can still get the treatment he or she requires.

Pets reduce stress

Elderly people staying in their homes shouldn’t be a hassle or rare; everyone deserves the chance to stay at home. However, looking after pets can be difficult and sometimes a little extra help is welcome. We are happy to see so many elderly people continue to live fulfilling lives and maintain their independence at home. Caring for pets can become very difficult when illness strikes, but we believe that re-homing your animal should be a last resort. Being forced to re-home a pet can add to stress levels, which is why we endeavour to make sure your companion can continue to live with you by offering first-class pet sitting services.

No need to separate

Asking a friend or family member to look after a pet for you is not always possible, especially when others have full-time jobs to attend to. We are against sending pets away to shelters unless there is no other option. Pets are renowned for providing the type of unconditional love and quality companionship that can be crucial to an elderly person’s well-being. We can provide you with the services of a care provider that will be able to take care of you and your pet, treating you both with dignity.

Whether you are the person that requires care or you’re looking for care services on behalf of a loved one, we can be counted on to deliver the excellence you’re seeking. We can walk, feed and groom and simply spend time with pets, so call today to find out more our quality pet sitting services.

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