Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services

At Kentish Homecare, we can help if you or a loved one require personal care services. We give people the care they need and deserve after surgery or during chronic illnesses and can provide an array of care services to our clients so they don’t need to try and go it alone. The quality of our services means that our clients don’t need to move out of their own homes and can remain in their own environment without risking accidents or injuries. We want to help you live a fulfilling life without having to leave your home.

A tailored approach

We treat each client as an individual, which means we always create bespoke care plans instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that your needs differ from those of other patients, which is why we look closely at your circumstances and ask you a number of questions so that we can create the ideal care plan. The staff can collaborate with other people that provide care for you, such as friends and family members, in order to deliver the perfect range of services. You’ll get the chance to tell us about any concerns you might have, and you can ask a friend or family member to sit in on the assessment with you.

Dignity, care and respect

You can count on us to handle simple tasks like combing your hair as well as more complex challenges like bathing. We can help you to get dressed and assist with dental care. No matter how small the task seems, we can help, even if you simply require someone to spend time with you – just ask! We always treat your privacy and dignity with respect whilst allowing you to feel happy, confident and completely secure in your home.

Why not talk to us today if you require personal care services during a period of rehabilitation?

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