Personal affairs management from Kentish Homecare- the most reliable around.

One of Kentish Homecare’s main values is that privacy, independence, and dignity should not be compromised regardless of how much care you or a loved one requires.  The same applies with personal affairs, even though it may seem slightly contradictory.

Personal affairs is a rather broad form of care, as it can apply to many things. Our brand of personal affairs involves anything from making sure bills are paid, to food shopping, to a trip to the cinema. Whatever it is that you require in terms of personal affairs management, we can create a bespoke care plan that is tailored exactly to you or a loved one’s needs.

A primary concern of the elderly or those suffering from / recovering from injury or illness is ensuring that bills are paid on time. Our staff can make sure that all bills are paid and any monies such as a pension collected, regardless of if it’s done physically or online, and make sure that you have the necessary receipts or records for your files.

If you wish to do any of this yourself, your care provider can sit with you or accompany you to ensure that everything is done correctly. As well as more mundane tasks, such as paying bills, your care provider can assist with any entertainment or leisure activities.
If you fancy a shopping trip, be it for clothes, food, or for anything else, your caregiver can assist you on a trip, or you can create a list of items for your caregiver to pick up. It depends entirely on capabilities or personal preference.

Your caregiver can also accompany you on a trip to the cinemas, a restaurant, or any other place of leisure; it isn’t all about making sure bills are paid, after all!

For more information on what our personal affairs service offers, or to arrange a bespoke care plan for you or a loved one, contact Kentish Homecare today.

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