Holiday health for seniors

Everybody loves a good holiday, be it a quick weekend getaway or a fortnight of fun in the sun. However, as you age, you’ll most likely find it difficult to maintain your independence as much as you did before – be it a physical disability, a decrease in cognitive skills, or the sudden appearance of a multitude of health problems.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a holiday, though – you just have to find ways in which you can do so in a healthy manner. To help you do so, here are some of our top tips and tricks regarding holiday health for seniors.

  • Shop around –  if you or your holiday partner has restricted mobility, there are plenty of holiday companies which are dedicated to offering holidays and breaks for you.  Some come in the form of retreats – like a village of holiday cottages with care available on site should you require it, whilst others will offer specially made packages that feature accessible hotels and activities.
  • Keep an eye out – even if you’re browsing on a generic holiday site, it’s always wise to keep an eye out for options which may enable you to go on a holiday that you may have originally thought was inaccessible – things such as seat assignment in the rows designated for disabled travellers on a plane, or cost-free wheelchair service at airports.
  • Stay healthy –  ensure that you’re applying sun protection when needed, and to drink plenty of water. If you’re staying somewhere catered by staff or carers, make them aware of any dietary or medication requirements.

If you still need a little help when you return home, why not contact Kentish Homecare? Our team have over 25 years of expertise within the homecare industry, and are dedicated to doing their utmost to provide you with all manner of care that meets your exact needs. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

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Advice for hiring caregivers

When a loved one begins to age, it can be difficult to empathise with them as they begin to lose their independence slightly.

  • Take your time- unless you’re incredibly lucky, the perfect caregiver isn’t going to be the first one you meet. Although you may be feeling rather desperate and keen to hire someone, so your loved one can begin receiving a high quality of care as soon as possible, it’s important to be thorough when researching different carer options, and to take your time to get to properly know each carer. Perhaps do a trial week with each so you and your loved one get a good idea of how the care will pan out in the future?
  • Stay involved – although you may not be able to constantly drop in to see how your loved one is doing, it’s important to still be a factor in their care. You could still provide care and companionship one day of the week, perhaps, or at least frequently ask your loved one how things are going with the caregiver.
  • Get insight – ask family and friends if they have any recommendations for caregivers, look for message boards on the internet, or ask for your loved one’s opinion on what they want in a carer – it’s no good you organising a comprehensive 24-hour care solution when all your loved one needs is some help with going to the shops.

If you live in the Bromley and Beckenham area, why not contact Kentish Homecare for all of your care needs? With a range of comprehensive services, and a team of staff who are dedicated to providing care that meets your needs, we can’t see why you’d want to look elsewhere.

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How to find the right elderly nursing home

Be it that you’re doing it for yourself or for a loved one, choosing an elderly nursing home is never an easy task. During what is already likely to be a stressful and emotional time, it can be difficult to know where to look or what to look for when selecting a home.

Although we can’t assist with the process itself – especially seeing as everyone’s individual circumstances are going to be different – we see no harm in offering some pointers that may be of help to you when searching for an elderly nursing home.

  • Make a list – like most things in life; it helps if you make a list. Making a checklist of sorts will help you to establish what you want/ what you need from a home, and helps you to round down the homes you view to a select few. Things such as sufficient staff (friendly and caring, of course), bright and clean rooms, and having plenty accessibility are all necessities (if you’re struggling to think of many more, just think how you would want to be treated if you were staying in a home) but you also need to consider any ailments or requirements that your loved one may have (‘Does the home cater to residents with dementia?’, ‘Does the home cater to x dietary requirement?’). Take some time making this list; with advice from the web, and of course asking the person actually going into care what they would want from a nursing home, you’ll be one big step closer to finding the perfect one for you.
  • Take your time – unless urgent circumstances arise, we suggest that you take your time when selecting a care home. Don’t ever be pressured into choosing somewhere that you/ your elderly loved one aren’t comfortable with – you/ a loved one may spend a fair amount of time in the home, so choosing one that you/ they are as happy as possible with is key. It’s also important to remember that your/ your loved one’s needs may change during their time in care. They may suddenly develop a health condition that needs catering to, for example; it’s important that you choose a home that can cater to these needs should they arise.
  • Go with your gut – if you’re paying a visit to a home and something doesn’t look or feel right, either question it, or look elsewhere; things such as dirty rooms, residents sat aimlessly around a television, and a general air of discomfort can all be red flags  - it’s just up to you how you deal with them.

If you require further information or assistance regarding how to find the right elderly nursing home, we recommend contacting your trusted healthcare professional.

For those of you who reside in Kent and the surrounding area, Kentish Homecare are at hand to provide all manner of care services, whilst your loved one can stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

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How to deal with ageing parents

Ageing is unavoidable – it’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, ageing can often bring with it a range of health conditions, decreased mobility and cognitive skills, and an inability to remember things. It’s often the case that you truly never realise this, though, until it happens to yourself or a member of your family.

When it’s your parents that start to age, it can bring about a series of challenges and conflicts that can be extremely difficult to navigate. We recommend the assistance of a care company when things start to look difficult, but for now, here’s a general guide to help you deal with ageing parents.

  • Acceptance is key – it’s often the hardest part, but it’s important that you accept ageing as just another life process, and one that most of us will have to go through at some point. It can be odd for a parent to have to suddenly depend on their child, as opposed to the other way around, but it’s something that we as a species don’t have much control over.
  • Be in the know – as frustrated and upset that you may get with your parents, it’s important to remember that your parent is also aware that their abilities are diminishing. They are already going to be saddened and scared about what’s happening, any put downs are only going to hurt them more.
  • Expect anger from both sides – your parent will be angry and frustrated due to losing capabilities and their authority over you, whilst you will feel the same due to providing care and being concerned for your parents as a whole. Whilst it isn’t healthy for either party to repress these emotions, it’s important to learn how to express them healthily, and without hurting each other. Reassure your parents when they lash out (which is to be expected, and is totally justifiable) and find a way to express your own frustrations and anxieties, such as talking to a spouse, a friend, or a professional.
  • Hire a helping hand- should you not have enlisted their help already, health care providers are the ideal way to get a bit of extra support when you and your parents need it the most. A cleaner, physical therapist, nurse, or social worker can offer professional care, and you should treat them well to ensure that your parents receive the best care possible.

If there comes a time where you feel as though your parents require more care than you can offer, then it may be time to consider searching for care services. Kentish Homecare is dedicated to providing a wide array of care services with the utmost respect for your parent’s privacy, dignity, and independence. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

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Types of assisted living services

It’s a common misconception that the likes of assisted living, care homes, and care services are just for the elderly. Anyone who struggles with everyday activities and tasks may benefit from some form of care; be it that they have a learning difficulty, a debilitating medical condition, or a physical disability that prevents them from dressing, washing, or getting around. It could even be that a perfectly healthy person is recovering from a lengthy stay in hospital due to an injury or illness, and simply needs a bit of health whilst they get back on their feet again.

Regardless of the reason for wanting or needing care, there are quite a few different types of assisted living services at hand;

Most assisted living services will take place in a senior living community of sorts. These communities consist of living spaces for residents, and communal rooms and spaces.  Living spaces could be anything from a single room to a full apartment, and may either be private or shared. Communal spaces could include the likes of dining rooms, cafes, fitness rooms, a library, a games room, parlours, and other spaces for leisure.

Whatever the layout of the community, there will always be staff on hand to assist with daily activities – things such as cooking meals, washing and bathing, housekeeping services, and providing transportation if need be.
Sometimes, a person may require care, but may not be able to or may not wish to move out of their current home. It could be that they find the familiar surroundings comforting, or that they have a pet or family member that they would like to stay close to. In this case, many assisted living services will take place in the person’s own home.
These services can range from things such as pet care, to assistance with cooking meals, to more full-time care, or night care services.

If you think that you or a loved one would benefit from assisted living services in the home, please don’t hesitate to contact Kentish Homecare services – Kent’s leading providers of a wide array of care services.

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Home Health Care in Bromley

Searching for home health care in Bromley? Your search may just be over with Kentish Home Care.

Of course, we understand that the term ‘home health care’ is a tad general, so we thought it would be wise to discuss the different types of care that we offer that it could refer to, and how we excel in delivering it.

Medication- as you get older, it’s only natural that you may find yourself requiring more and more medication as time goes on. You may also find it harder to manage them and to take them at the right time/dosage, especially if you’re on an excessive amount for a health condition. If you’re struggling, one of our carers will help you with from labelling medications, to picking up prescriptions, to informing you of side effects or other information about the medication – all whilst efficiently communicating with you the whole time.

Meal preparation- maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is of the utmost importance – even when you aren’t feeling your best. Our team can help with any aspect of doing so – be it making meals in bulk and freezing them for you to heat up later, to freshly preparing a range of meals, snacks, and beverages, to helping you stick to any dietary plans or requirements you may have.

Personal care services – personal care services concerns personal matters such as washing, using the bathroom, and any other tasks regarding hygiene, appearance, or wellbeing. Be it that you simply need someone to help you brush your hair, or someone that helps you get dressed, or someone that helps you shower or bathe, our carers will help you to do so with the utmost respect for your privacy and dignity.

Housekeeping – having clean and pleasant surroundings is a much bigger contribution to health and wellbeing than you may think. As you get older, you may begin to find it harder to keep up with your daily chores. Thankfully, the team at Kentish Homecare can assist with this also. We can do anything from daily dusting, to deep cleaning such as vacuuming and sanitising surfaces, to washing and making the beds.

These are just a few of the home health care services that we offer, though. To find out more about what we can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Find out more about our Elderly Rehabilitation Service

Regardless of your age, abilities, or ailments, it’s only natural that you may need someone to care for you if you’ve recently been in hospital. Returning home can be both a blessing and a curse, mind. As much as a relief as it is, you may find it harder to perform tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

The Elderly Rehabilitation service that Kentish Homecare offers helps you/ a loved one through an often difficult period of rehabilitation.

As with all of our services, the care you receive will vary depending on your needs and requirements.

For example, you may find it perfectly easy to get around the house, take care of hygiene and appearance, and other tasks, but you may struggle to maintain a new diet that the hospital has instructed you to follow. If this was the case, our carers would make assisting with meal preparation a priority.

Another example could be that you’re having a hard time with most basic everyday tasks, and that you may require more constant care. Again, our carers would communicate with you and your family or friends to establish a comprehensive care plan that covered everything from helping with going to the bathroom, to brushing hair, to shopping.

Finally, it may be that you/ a loved one is finding it difficult to keep track of any new medication that they’ve been prescribed. A carer of ours would take this into account within the care plan, and would assist with anything from labelling medication, to discussing doses and times, to notifying you of any side effects they may have – anything to help you keep organised and feel at ease.

Whatever it is that’s going to help you through a difficult period of readjustment, our carers will do their absolute utmost to perfect the bespoke care plan, and to help with any sensitive or private tasks with as much respect, privacy, and the wish to maintain as much independence as possible.

To find out more about our comprehensive elderly rehabilitation service, please don’t hesitate to contact Kentish Homecare.

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Discover more about some of the leading elder care services in Bromley

As you may already know, Kentish Homecare provides a vast range of elder care services in Bromley. However, the time in which you determine that you or a loved one needs care is a difficult one, and the decision of choosing a care provider may become all the more difficult as time goes on.

Kentish Homecare believes that we have several values and practices which help to establish us as one of the leading elder care service providers in the South East, here are just a few of them;

  • We specially-tailor all of our care plans, right down to the last detail. Look at it this way; what is the point of paying for/ wasting time on care that isn’t needed? As well, if the person being cared for is receiving help with things that they don’t need help with, they may feel as though they are being demeaned.  To combat these issues, we are happy to modify our care plans – no matter how complex – to suit your needs.
  • Our expertise is of the highest calibre. The core of our care services is built on over 24 years of clinical practice within in the NHS. Although it may not be the longest period of time, it has had us work with a wide array of patients – anyone from those with terminal illnesses to those requiring support for long term conditions – all with a complex set of needs and care requirements.
  • We have the utmost respect for dignity, privacy, and the need to maintain independence for as long as possible. Depending on the care required, tasks of a more sensitive nature – such as bathing, using the bathroom, and getting dressed – may need to be completed by our carers.  We understand that the transition of having total independence to relying on a carer can be difficult and distressing for some, but our full team promise to perform tasks such as these with your feelings and concerns in mind.

To find out more about how Kentish Homecare excels in all aspects of elder care services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Why you should consider home safety assessments

When it comes to looking after someone, home safety assessments can prove to be crucial. Nobody can be around for someone else all the time, which means that every precaution has to be in place to make sure that nothing goes wrong whenever an elderly person is left alone in their place of residence. Luckily, that’s why the likes of home safety assessments are in place.

Although it doesn’t bear thinking about, there’s plenty that could go wrong and potentially pose a health risk to the person living there. This can include stairs that are too steep to manage, a lack of handrails or other support methods in the bath or shower, and an inability to use an oven or heater correctly – all things that we take for granted, and all things that could pose massive risks to health and safety. A home safety assessment will take all of these things into account, alongside many others that may seem less obvious to a caregiver.

There’s also the factor of food safety to consider. It’s vital that food is prepared correctly because this could seriously damage an elderly person, especially since their immune systems are often not as effective as those of a younger person. A home safety assessor  will also be trained in food management as well.They can make sure that any food that is being prepared is being done so in a hygienic and safe environment – one less thing for you to worry about.

Looking after an elderly person can often be a difficult task, there’s nobody that can deny that. But it’s important that they are cared for in the best way possible and this includes them knowing that their residence is somewhere that is completely safe. That’s why home safety assessments come with a high recommendation because they truly benefit all involved.

It’s always advisable to have a professional home safety assessor to view a living space – they pick up on things that the average person wouldn’t, which could be the difference between an injury occurring or not.

When it comes down to it, nothing should be of greater importance than the safety and well being of the elderly person you care for. Whether it’s a family member or just a close friend, you should always be doing everything in your power to make sure they are comfortable, safe, and as happy as possible- a home safety assessment makes this the case.

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Why you should consider our personal home care services

Getting older often comes with many obstacles, which is why sometimes the personal home care services offered by us at Kentish Homecare can become essential. We operate under the pretence that every single one of our elderly clients deserves respect and this means that we make sure that their dignity and privacy is maintained during any personal care package.

Keep your independence, but with the necessary help
There’s no denying that people want to live on their own terms for as long as they can. Unfortunately, we know better than anybody that this sometimes isn’t possible. The elderly often need to rely on personal home care services as a way to deal with illnesses or other ailments.

There are quite a few different options for those who require personal care services. This can include Kentish Homecare staff assisting with showering or bathing, as well as getting dressed and even dental care. Anything regarding assistance with using the bathroom, showering, or bathing is done with the utmost respect for privacy and dignity.

There are other, less weighty, ways that the staff at Kentish Homecare can help the elderly. For example, some people might just need help combing their hair or painting their fingernails, which our professionals are more than capable of doing. They can also simply visit for a chat, given a person someone to talk to on a regular basis.

We are here to provide the best possible service

When it comes to personal home care services, we at Kentish Homecare know that a plan needs to be suited for the individual and so our staff can work with the person to make sure that they create a plan that will suit them and their situation perfectly. Our goal is to eliminate any worries you have about caring for a loved one, giving the best care possible in the process.

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