Moving Seniors: Settling Into A New Home

It can be hard for some people to move on, especially if they have been living in the same home for decades. The process can be emotional, but sometimes moving is necessary for those who are in need of extra care.
Our care services allow you to make the process quick and easy, with our empathetic staff on hand ready to make the customer feel better about leaving their old home behind.

Here are a few key tips to making the transition from one home to another as smooth as possible.

Get affairs in order before leaving
Moving is stressful, so to help those who are moving to a new home, it’s best that you take care of all the little things they need to address for them before they leave. This includes cleaning the old home, informing the correct utility companies about the change of address, telling the local council about the change.

If someone is reluctant to leave then, matters are going to be made worse when they’re made to pack away items and make tedious phone calls.

Prepare everything in the new home
It would be salt in the wound to make someone who is reluctant to leave their home unpack and rearrange things in a new one. The best way to get someone settled in a new home quickly is by sprucing it up yourself beforehand so they can walk through the front door, sit down, relax and not have to worry about anything.

Try and position items from the old house, such as family photos, keepsakes, and other things that hold sentimental value, and position them in similar areas as the old home, so it feels a bit more like the old house.

Spend some time with them
Staying over for the night helps a lot. Going to sleep alone in a new place can be stressful and upsetting no matter how old you are, so it would be a great comfort to them to know that they had someone they trusted nearby while they settled.

Kentish Home Care offers 24-hour care for customers that need around-the-clock care or just requires some assistance during the night going to the toilet or taking medication.

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Dental Problems in Seniors

Even if we take extra good care of our teeth, it’s an unfortunate truth that they are going to deteriorate eventually over time. But tooth decay and other dental problems are far from irreversible. Identifying problems early on and taking the steps necessary.

Kentish Home Care helps elderly clients to stay on top of their dental hygiene and prevent gum disease or other painful dental ailments. Here are just some of the most common dental problems among senior citizens.

Darkened teeth
There is a multitude of ways that teeth can be darkened over time. Those who smoke regularly or frequently eat and drink stain-causing food and drink. Proper cleaning and teeth whitening solutions can help delay the effect, but the easiest way is to stick to a good diet.

Our care services include home meal preparation for the elderly, as well as teaching key skills to help them cook healthier meals too, which will keep their teeth from losing their whiteness.

Gum disease
Gum disease destroys the tissue surrounding teeth and is caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Again, the diet can be to blame for this one, but gum disease can also happen to those who smoke or those who suffer from diabetes, cancer or anaemia. Gum disease can also be brought about by wearing ill-fitting dentures.

Dry mouth
Dry mouth is often a side effect of certain medications, which restricts the flow of saliva in a person’s mouth. Commonly this occurs during cancer treatment trials that rely on radiation to fight cancer.

Regular visit the dentists
Regularly visiting the dentists is a good idea even if you don’t think you have anything wrong with your teeth. There doesn’t need to be pain for there to be a problem, and leaving it too late could let any one of these issues crop up and cost more in expensive dental treatments.

The issue may sometimes be leaving the house to get to the dentists. We offer a comprehensive care service that includes helping the elderly make it to important doctor’s appointments, chiropodists and dental clinics to keep them healthy and happy.

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Advice for Hiring Caregivers

One of the most important things for a caregiver to be is friendly. A caregiver is a friend to the customer and can help them make the most out of life, but friendliness alone won’t qualify someone to be a full-time carer.

Here are some of the qualities you should look out for when hiring a caregiver.:-

Attention to detail

Good caregivers should be able to take on a multitude of different roles, such as homecare, cooking cleaning, helping with bills, bathing the person in care, medication management etc. It is a large undertaking giving 24 hour care to someone, and each of the roles requires great attention to detail to make sure everything is clean and the customer is happy.

Kentish Home Care is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for all of our customers to ensure they have all of their affairs in order, plus full peace of mind.

Quick to act

Health issues can spring up at unpredictable times and knowing how to handle the situation if they do occur could mean the difference between life and death. A caregiver should have a keen eye for when things don’t seem right, and a quick reaction to any trouble. Some people panic when put in these kinds of situations and don’t know what to do. This could ultimately cost someone’s life.

Kentish Home Care caregivers are trained to understand how to treat illnesses or emergencies and provide the quick action necessary.

Dedicated to the job

When hiring a caregiver, you need to make sure that they fully understand the responsibilities of a caregiver and determine whether they are willing to take them on. Caring for someone is not a 9 to 5 job. Those in need of around the clock care need a caregiver to be nearby at all times to make sure that nothing bad happens to them during the night.

At Kentish Home Care, we offer 24 hour care for our customers to make sure that there is someone available to assist them during the night if they need the toilet or require special medication.

Be careful who you trust to look after you or a loved one. Compassion and companionship are two must-haves, but they won’t do the job alone. You also need a dedicated hard-worker who will be able to provide total peace of mind. With Kentish Home Care, our carers are the all-in-one package. We can suit all of our customers’ needs, providing the friendship and the elbow grease necessary for such a demanding job.

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Helping the elderly at Christmas

Christmas is a time for love and togetherness; a time for congregating with loved ones and looking back on the past year with fondness. However, for some Christmas is a very lonely time of year. Whether their family live far away, or their loved ones have sadly passed away, many elderly people spend Christmas completely alone.

No-one should be made to experience the most wonderful time of the year depressed and alone. That’s where Kentish Home Care comes in.

We offer our extensive care services to our elderly customers over the Christmas holidays to make sure they see in the New Year with a smile on their face.


We’re much more than a care service, we’re a friend. We’re there to provide company who those without any visitors or places to go on Christmas Day.

Sometimes our customers don’t really want to be waited on hand and foot, and instead just want someone to talk to. Companionship is something we feel is really important, and is at the core of all of our care services.

Help with Christmas dinner

Kentish Home Care will gladly help with dinner as well. We can cook the Christmas dinner for them and even help to teach them the skills they need to cook for themselves in the future.

We don’t just offer this service over Christmas either. All year round, Kentish Home Care offers help with food preparation so that our customers can retain a sense of independence. They can learn to cook for themselves so they aren’t reliant on anyone else doing it for them.

Everyone is entitled to a merry Christmas

If you’re unable to care for a loved one because you’re too far away or have other engagements that need your attention, don’t let them spend Christmas alone because of it.

With our sitting service and 24-hour respite care we can give them the Christmas they deserve. Please contact us today to ask about our services

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Meals for Swallowing Difficulties

Old age can make somewhat simple task very challenging. These often result in the task being performed very slowly, but in the case of eating or swallowing food it can have some serious ramifications. Choking on something when there’s no-one around to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre could potentially kill someone.

At Kentish Home Care we understand how difficult some people have when it comes to chewing and swallowing foods. For the elderly and those who suffer from a swollen throat we provide a range of delicious meals that are designed to not only be nutritious, but also reduce the risk of choking.

Meals to prevent choking

Certain foods, while highly nutritious, are very commonly choked on. These include carrots, apples, popcorn and most types of meat.

Our delivery meals come in a form that is much more difficult to choke on, which works its way down your throat with minimal effort.

Less pain

Sometimes choking isn’t the biggest concern. Some people may suffer from medical conditions that make swallowing incredibly painful. You need to have proper meals to survive, but you shouldn’t be made to put up with the pain.

Our meals are prepared to make their way down your throat without the diner needing to swallow too hard.

Improve their diet

If you’re taking care of an elderly loved one, then you may know how difficult it can be to convince them to eat or drink. Their swallowing may not be hindered by any serious medical condition, but they might still be reluctant to eat any solids.

The texture may have changed, but all of the taste and nutrition is still there. Kentish Home Care delivered meals not only comes in a more manageable form, but they’re full of the nutrients needed to stay healthy and happy.

Eating should never have to be a chore, or be seen as a life threatening situation. With Kentish Home Care, we’re dedicated to help our customers enjoy their meals without causing harm to their throats or offering up cheap chemical substitutes.

Contact Kentish Home Care today to learn more about our meal delivery service.

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Fire safety for seniors

Having a fire alarm in your home can save lives, but that’s not often to keep you safe. This is true for elderly people as well. There are several fire hazards present in the average household, so it helps to stay prepared in the event of a fire.

Organize fire drills

It goes without saying that you should regularly check your fire alarm, but the alarm isn’t going to be of any help if the elderly person doesn’t know what to do in the event of a fire. Panic can take over and could put them at risk if a fire were to actually occur.

Get them ready by holding fire drills that teaches them to calmly exit the bed, leave their possessions and indicates the route they should follow to leave the house.

Watch out for cigarettes

One of the most common causes of house fires is cigarettes. If any elderly person was smoking one, or planning to smoke one, and they fall asleep with it in their hand, it could create a small fire on the sofa, which could spread and set the entire room on fire in a matter of minutes.

Keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t doze off while they smoke. Kentish Home Care provides comprehensive care services that can ensure that the elderly person is never alone or put in harms way

Provide an easy exit

If the elderly person in question has trouble going up and down the stairs then exiting the building when it’s on fire might be a problem. A fire might break out in the middle of the night, and if the fire alarm sounds and wakes the person up, they won’t be able to make their way down the stairs quick enough.

Even if they have a stair lift installed, that isn’t going to allow them to descend fast enough to escape a fire. Sleeping upstairs puts that person in a great deal of danger, so why not consider moving them into a downstairs room?
That way they can reach the front door quickly and put themselves out of harm’s way.

Keep them protected from fires

On top of helping with day-to-day tasks, bathing and cooking, Kentish Home Care’s services also include making their home a safe place to live. We’ll ensure that there are no fire hazards on site. Get in touch to learn more about fire safety precautions or to ask about our services.

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Personal care for the elderly

The older we get, the less self-reliant we become. An unfortunate truth about ageing is that sooner or later you won’t be able to look after yourself and will require assistance.

Personal care can alleviate the stresses that elderly people suffer through on a daily basis, create a safe environment for them in their home, plus provide some much-needed company for those who have been left alone.

Assistance with personal hygiene

The older we get, the more difficult it is to move, whether that’s making our way up the stairs or climbing into the bath. Bathing is very hard for those with such limited movement, and a bad attempt could lead to a fall which could break bones and result in further medical complications.

Personal carers help seniors to get in and out of the bath, or into the shower, without the risk of injuring themselves. They will also help wash them in areas that have become more difficult for them to reach e.g. the back and the feet. Personal hygiene assistance extends to brushing their teeth, combing their hair and helping them put on a clean set of clothes.

Personal care also includes assisting elderly people us the lavatory. This is understandably undignified for both the personal carer and the person in care, but it is a necessary part of looking after someone. Personal care encompasses every aspect of an elderly person’s day-to-day life, no matter how embarrassing or messy.

Help around the house

With the physical impairments that come with old age, maintaining a clean and tidy home can be hard. Dusting higher areas becomes incredibly challenging and the strain of trying to clean hard-to-reach areas could put unnecessary pressure on an elderly person’s body and potentially lead to injury.

Personal care ensures that they do not have to go out of their way to keep their home clean. Personal carers are more than happy to clean up around the house and even cook meals for the person they’re caring for.

This extends to keeping the home safe of any hazards to help instil a greater sense of security for the person in care.

Keeping elderly people company

Personal care is much more than simply looking after someone. Carers are trained to be friendly and attentive to the needs of the person they’re caring for. Some elderly people are left alone when much of their family moves away, or their spouse passes away, so sometimes what they need more than anything is a friend.

With people undergoing overnight 24-hour personal care, they need not ever feel alone.
Personal care allows elderly people to get out of the house for a while to watch a movie or stroll in the park with someone they can trust and hold a decent conversation with.

Sometimes carers don’t even need to have conversations to provide the outlet that elderly people want. Good listening skills are the difference between good and bad personal care.

Personal care can help an elderly person retain a sense of independence and dignity without putting themselves in danger. They can be a friend to the elderly person they care for, listening to them and keeping them company. Personal care is so important for elderly people because otherwise they could be left completely isolated, depressed and at risk of potential injury.

Care can also provide respite for family members who have their own responsibilities and may not have a lot of time for their elderly relative.

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Best meal delivery service

Some elderly people may have trouble making their own food, especially if they have lived most of their life relying on their significant other to cook for them.

If you or someone you care for is having trouble cooking their own meals, Kentish Homecare can help. We offer convenient delivery of full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus some small snacks and beverages throughout the day.

Great nutrition, zero effort

Kentish Home Care can make sure that all of our customers maintain a healthy and nutritious diet without them having to do anything.

Our straight-forward delivery service will send healthy, delicious meals straight to our customer’s doorsteps on a regular basis so that they don’t even need to phone us up.

We make sure to work in line with any dietary requirements you may have too, preparing meals that you will definitely enjoy that won’t interfere with a course of medication.

Help for widowers

Sometimes the elderly need assistance cooking their own meals. Those who relied on their spouse to cook their meals for them might now not know what to do now that they’ve passed away.

The sadness that follows their passing could result in under-eating or frequent phone-calls to takeaway places. We at Kentish Home Care want to make sure that all of our customers are well-fed and happy. Our prompt delivery service can provide seniors with snacks and food for each important meal of the day.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner we have something that will taste great and keep our clientele healthy.

Contact Kentish Home Car for amazing meal delivery services

Not only do we provide food delivery services, but we can also assist in home meal preparation. Our carers can visit the homes of our elderly customers and show them some basic food preparation skills. This way, they can prepare their own food and retain a sense of independence.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about what Kentish Homecare can offer you and your loved ones.

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24-hour care for dementia patients

Dementia is a frightening disorder which can cause a great deal of distress to the sufferer and a lot of difficulty for those looking after them. The loss of memory and the disorientation experienced when trying to follow conversations or organise themselves makes life harder for sufferers.

If you’re the family member of someone living with dementia, we can lend a helping hand. Kentish Homecare provides a 24-hour care service which uses fully-trained carers who have a wealth of experience assisting the elderly and those with dementia.

Dressing and hygiene

Dementia can have a drastic effect on a person’s ability to process certain actions or organize themselves properly, which is why it’s important to lend a helping hand whenever you can, especially when it comes to hygiene.

Our care services can assist in helping dementia sufferers bathe properly and help wash them. We can also assist in dressing them. Getting dressed is also a difficult task for those with severe dementia, so not only do we help elderly people with their clothing, we also adhere to their chosen style to help them retain their individuality.

Health and diet management

It is crucial to keep those with dementia fit and healthy, physically and mentally, to help them enjoy life more. The better they feel, the happy they can be despite their disorder. A good diet and regular walks and exercise can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem.

Our 24-hour care can ensure that they stay active and have good company with them at all times. We believe in becoming our customer’s friend, as opposed to just a carer. We want them to feel like they’re never alone, even if their family have moved away or their partner has passed away.

Kentish Homecare can help

Feel free to browse our Services pages to learn more about how we can help those living with dementia. Our 24-hour care is just one of the many other services we provide at a cost-effective price. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Medication management assessment for the elderly

Caring for the elderly can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. They’re at a stage in their lives where they need help more than ever, and knowing exactly how to approach the situation responsibly will help those that you’re caring for live happy and healthy lives.

Managing the healthcare of elderly people can be tough at times, but with enough resolve and common-sense the process can be a joy, and they will be more than grateful for the helping hand.

Managing medication properly

Many elderly people may even be reluctant to take their medication due to the taste or the uncomfortable method of administration. These types of medication could be crucial to their health and well being, with the possible chance of death if left too long.

With that in mind, be sure to monitor them as they take their medication – recording what’s been taken and at what time. Kentish Home Care’s medication management assessment for elderly people allows us to keep track of what has been taken and what hasn’t so you can properly track their progress.

Vigilance is required, and sometimes a little tough love, to ensure that they stay healthy. Kentish Home Care provides customers with consistent medication monitoring that helps you or your loved one stay on a strict regime of medication, even when dealing with several different doctors at a time.

Other helpful carer services

We at Kentish Home Care understand how serious medication is, and how detrimental to someone’s health it can be if the wrong medication is mixed together or if a prescription isn’t properly finished.

Be sure to check that the prescriptions are all correct when you go to collect them. Our carers are more than happy to collect prescriptions and query the pharmacists if something seems wrong with the prescription.

Call Kentish Home Care for reliable home medical care

For a comprehensive medication schedule and scrupulous monitoring for you or a loved one, Kentish Home Care can provide. We work closely with doctors to prepare the best possible schedule and also provide several services geared towards proper medical care.

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