Personal Care Services Could Support Your Rehabilitation Process

If you’ve recently been in an accident and are beginning to recover, it may feel like your world has been turned upside down. That’s especially true if many of the tasks of daily living like getting dressed, using the toilet, and shaving are no longer possible to do without help.

By taking advantages of personal care services offered by Kentish Homecare, you could maintain a familiar routine without feeling embarrassed. When you have that kind of support, it could mean you’re more able to enjoy a speedier recovery because you’re not preoccupied with temporary challenges.

Maintain a Healthy Well-Being

It’s common to suffer a great deal of trauma after being in an accident, and the challenges you’ll face will likely span beyond physical ailments. If you previously lived a very independent way of life but are unable to do some basic tasks without help, you may begin feeling worthless and without hope.

That way of thinking can become toxic and adversely impact your ability to participate in rehabilitation because you’re being hindered by inner demons. After you hire a personal care services professional, that individual will allow you to have as much independence as possible, but lend a hand so you’re able to live in a fulfilling way without being plagued by doubts.

Personal Care Services Let You Continue to Be Sociable

Once some tasks of daily living become difficult to manage after an accident, you may feel tempted to become reclusive. When you have an assistant who comes into your home to provide support, it’s easier to feel confident about maintaining a well-kept appearance and continue to have an active social life when recovering from an accident.

Get a Complimentary Consultation

If you’ve realized it’s time to get personal care services but aren’t sure how to take the next step, contact Kentish Homecare. You can get a free one-hour consultation to learn more about available types of assistance and begin creating a tailored package that meets your needs.

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Sitting Services for the Elderly Could Help Prevent Isolation

There are many challenges that come with getting older, and one of them is related to dealing with a lack of companionship. It takes effort to maintain healthy relationships and create new ones. However, if a person is almost constantly housebound because of old age or an illness, it can be difficult or impossible for that person to benefit from social interactions. In those cases, sitting services for the elderly allow a person to feel socially nurtured, even if that just means having someone to talk to about recent events in life.

Ideal if a Person is Unable to Regularly Interact With Peers

Many community organisations offer events for senior citizens that offer them chances to make crafts, eat meals, and play games together while also supporting each other through the obstacles that old age can cause. Sometimes though, a person may not be able to take advantage of those events, especially if he or she is very frail. Sitting services for the elderly ensure an individual doesn’t have to live in constant solitude, even if there are factors that make it hard to go out in public.

Don’t Ignore the Effects of Being Alone

Having occasional time alone can be helpful, but once it becomes a regular characteristic of someone’s life, that person can struggle with mental, physical, and emotional problems. If you’re concerned someone you love is spending too much time without being in the presence of others, contact Kentish Homecare to learn more about sitting services for the elderly, and related services that could help a person have a better quality of life.

Empowerment During Changes

For more than 25 years, the staff at Kentish Homecare has served clients in the Greater London areas of Beckenham and Bromley. When offering tailored services to a client, we strive to uphold the principles of individuality and dignity whilst providing supportive sitting services for the elderly, among other options. Contact us today to get a free 60-minute consultation about how we can meet your needs.

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Supporting The Elderly: Senior Home Care In Beckenham

According to the Department of Health, Beckenham, a large borough in South  East London, has more older people than the national average. Moreover, many of them continue to remain in their homes rather than go into assisted living. This results in an increased need for senior home care. In Beckenham, this can be supplied through the auspices of Kentish Homecare and their home care workers.

The Role of the Home Care Worker

The home care worker provides certain services to those who require help with the day-to-day needs. This may be in a facility such as an assisted care centre or in the community as part of a home visit. Sometimes working alone or as part of a health care team, a home care worker has truly one goal: to improve the senior’s quality of life.

Being a member of a groups such as Kentish Homecare, allows you to recognize the various aspects of the role a worker places in senior home care in Beckenham. This extends beyond the physical care of a senior. It is also about helping to alleviate loneliness. The role of a care giver also includes providing comfort, encouraging independence and the promoting of an individual’s self-respect.

Rules for Supplying Caring

For a worker to provide excellent senior home care in Beckham, he or she needs to remember the need for certain characteristics. These are:

  • Sensitivity – always be respectful of the senior’s privacy and dignity. Do not do anything to embarrass them even while putting in a catheter or bathing them
  • Kindness: although an elderly person may not respond in a polite manner, remember to be kind. Treat them with kindness in all you do. It should be no less than what you would expect from someone else
  • Understanding: Try to understand the individual. Do not lump them in a group titled “Elderly People.” Each one of them has their own circumstances. Each has undergone certain experiences that may differ widely (and even wildly) from yours. The medial condition or age-related illness is not the. Try to understand what they are going through and channel that understanding into better and more sympathetic even empathic care

Senior home care in Beckenham is in demand. The care givers at Kentish Homecare and elsewhere are there to make sure the need is met. They want to be sure the care provided is sensitive to all the needs of the elderly – both physical and emotional. By responding to all the aspects that comprise a human being, Kentish Homecare and other agencies hope to ensure a senior can remain independent as long as he or she sees fit.

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The Role Of Elderly Care Services In Bromley

Bromley lies in South East London. It is a large borough with a diverse population. In Bromley, according to statistics by the Department of Health, the elderly live longer. More important for the present and future of elderly care services in Bromley, they remain consistently longer in their own homes. This is important for Kentish Homecare as they continue to provide the necessary services to continue this trend.

Why is Staying in the Home Important?

Many seniors want to remain in their homes. They have no desire to move into a retirement facility. The reasons vary from senior to senior, but essentially they boil down to the following:

  1. Comfortable: Seniors feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. They know where everything is. They have positioned everything in the exact right spot.
  2. Memories: Homes and places evoke the past. A lifetime of experiences lived and felt have happened in many senior’s homes. Even if they have lived there a short time, they have all the trappings around them that can recall the past
  3. Independence: Independence is an important part of life. It is often how we define one aspect of our character. At a certain age, we can no longer drive a vehicle. We may have to give up our car keys, but do we need to give up this last little bit of an independent life? Not with Kentish Homecare providing elderly care services in Bromley, we don’t.
  4. Family and Friends: In several instances, the family home or apartment has an extra room for people to stay over. Sometimes it is a fold-up couch, but it is still there when a senior needs the company. It is an open invitation and a reminder of all the home means and can continue to offer.
  5. Safety Reasons: Seniors often feel safe in their homes. Whether it is an apartment or a house, they are aware of who lives what and what schedules they keep. They also feel safe because they know where everything is. They know where the medications are, the fridge, the bathroom and the entries and exists. Even if they become befuddled, habit can kick in
  6. Cost: Living at home can be far less expensive than going into any form of assisted living. It may require some managing to make sure the home or apartment remains in peak condition, but it can be done easily and, can still allow for help from such agencies as Kentish Homecare.

At Kentish Homecare, we provide elderly care services to Bromley that will allow a senior to remain in his or her home. This provides relief for the senior. It also allow anyone who cares about the elderly person to relax, knowing someone else can regularly supply the help and care he or she needs.

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Private Home Care Helps Foster Independence

Many elderly people need assistance with daily activities in order to remain in their home and live independently later in life. With private home care services in Bromley, the elderly can maintain independence by receiving help from homecare workers. Typical tasks that a carer can provide is cleaning, cooking, and of course help with medications, medical concerns, and rehabilitation procedures. Kentish Homecare has been providing private home care services for families for over 25 years, planning and implementing bespoke care plans to insure that our company meets all needs and concerns.

Short-Term Care Needs

Short-term needs are those needed on a temporary basis while recovering from an illness, a surgery, or while the main caregiver takes a break. Our expert services include personal care, such as bathing or personal hygiene needs, small housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, pet care, and basic companionship. You can schedule private home care services for a few hours once a week, or a few hours spread over the course of a week. Even with short-term care, you may find that you enjoy the reduction of burdensome tasks and request services for the long term.

Long-Term Care Needs

Long-term care involves a multifaceted approach to you or a loved one’s care. Kentish Homecare offers 24-hour private home care services for Bromley patients and will schedule qualified nurses to be at your home around the clock. If you need overnight care, our company can provide a carer who can stay the night to prevent falls, assist with medications, or help with any other issues that may arise. Sometimes, it’s just comforting to know that someone else is sleeping in the other room, which is all some patients want. By providing different options for care, our patients receive the care they need without having to give up the independence and comforts of living at home.

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Respite Care Provides Peace of Mind for Main Caregivers

Caring for an aging parent has its rewards, but it also has its own set of disadvantages. While many adult children try to accommodate their aging parent’s wish to remain at home, it can become tiresome to be the only person responsible for an aging parent. Remembering medications, scheduling doctor appointments, checking in during the day, and assisting with daily tasks can make a person feel as if he or she has no time to relax or unwind from the constant demands of being a caregiver. With elderly homecare, Beckenham families can get the respite they need without feeling as ifthey are abandoning a loved one.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a term used to describe care given to a dependent so that the main caregiver can have a break. Respite care can be hourly, daily, or weekly depending on the amount of time the caregiver must be away. A respite worker visits the home and helps to care for your aging parent so that you can take time away to unwind or handle other family matters.

You can schedule respite care on a regular basis, or just hire a care worker as needed. For example, if you want to take one afternoon a week to see your friends, attend a support group meeting, or even go to church, a respite worker will arrive to take over the care of your mom or dad so that you can confidently leave the home. With respite elderly homecare, you can even schedule a short vacation to unwind, trusting that the respite worker will provide the necessary care in your absence. This works great for families with small children who want to go on holiday for a week but fear leaving grandma or grandpa alone.

How Does Respite Care Help?

When the stress of caring for an aging relative falls onto the lap of one person, it can become overwhelming. There are many incidences of caregivers accused of abuse or neglect of an aging relative. Upon further investigation, many of these cases could have been prevented if the caregiver had someone who could help relieve some of the duties. As caregivers become stressed out from the constant demands, it can be difficult to respond to loved ones in a loving, caring way because the caregiver feels that the person is a nuisance and responds negatively.

With elderly homecare, Bromley families can prevent the risk of becoming overwhelmed and reacting negatively by taking advantage of respite care. Counsellors recommend that caregivers find an outlet away from the home in order to maintain a healthy emotional and mental state. By taking advantage of elderly homecare, main caregivers can schedule time away to enjoy hobbies, interests, or entertainment.

This works well for young adults, specifically adult grandchildren, who unexpectedly become the caregiver of grandma or grandpa. Instead of forfeiting regular life activities, like attending a university or going on dates, a respite caregiver can arrive to check on your relative so that you can still enjoy your youth. Combining respite care with your regular family care will allow you to retain a level of normalcy and organisation in your life that may dissipate if you focus on nothing but caregiving.

Here you can get more information and services on elderly homecare in Beckenham.

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Post-Surgery Care for Your or a Loved One

When you have a major surgery, you may spend days or weeks in a hospital to recover. Eventually, though, the hospital will send you home to continue healing. For some people, this is a relief. They’ve been waiting for the day they could leave the hospital bed and return to the comforts of home. For others, returning home has its own set of worries. If the surgery requires an extensive healing process at home, there may be worries about how to care for daily tasks, how to care for wounds or bandages, and how to keep the home clean enough while not being able to do any heavy lifting or brisk tasks.

With home health care, Bromley residents don’t have to worry about feeling stranded at home when recovering from major surgery. With an assistant who can take care of daily tasks and help with medical concerns, most people find that recovering at home is much easier than recovering in the hospital.

Less Worry about Medical Issues

With any surgery, there is always a risk of infection setting in upon leaving the hospital. The hospital usually provides intravenous fluids and medications while admitted, but once your body stops receiving a steady flow of these medications and fluids it can lead to an infection. With home health care, you can feel confident that your post-surgery health is being monitored and that your nurse or aide will contact your doctor at the first sign of infection or other problem.

Your home health aide will also work with you to create a care plan following surgery. He or she will administer your medications, insuring that you receive the proper dosage and have the necessary refills. This is helpful if you take medications that make you drowsy, which can affect your ability to remember if you’ve taken your medication, which puts you at risk for overdosing on pain relievers or sleeping pills.

Care for Daily Tasks

Following surgery, your or a loved one may need help with daily tasks.
Competent home health care professionals will help you take care of cleaning, cooking, and shopping while you’re recovering. You can create a tailor made menu based on your dietary needs, which a nurse will prepare and serve you fresh or pre-cook the meals for you or a family member to reheat when you’re hungry. You can also request that your aide perform grocery shopping, ship out parcels, and help you pay your bills during the recovery process.

If your surgery leaves you with a lack of muscle control, you can receive home-based therapy to help you build muscle and coordination while relearning life skills. Whether it’s learning to brush your teeth or walk without support, with home health care, Bromley residents can feel confident that their best interests are at the heart of each care provider. If you need help even after recovering, you can request services until you’ve regained your full strength and feel ready to tackle the world again.

Here you can know more information about home health care in Bromley.

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Pursue Hobbies and Interests when Intellectually Disabled

The term intellectually disabled refers to a number of genetic defects that affects a person’s ability to process and understand information. The results of an intellectual disability vary, but it can affect everything from being able to dress one’s self or a loss of the understanding not to engage in certain behaviours that may be dangerous. Although the care of people with intellectual disabilities can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Parents of children and young adults with these differing disorders can benefit greatly from relying on homecare assistance to help out.

Many homecare companies employ educated nurses and medical professionals who understand the complexities of being intellectually disabled. These professionals work with families to create an environment that fosters independence and allows the patient to live as normally as possible. One attempt at helping families is to encourage a passion for different hobbies and interests.

Learning Life Skills through Hobbies

One area that homecare assistance can help with is learning life skills. Many of those suffering from an intellectual disability struggle with the everyday chores of getting dressed, personal hygiene, cooking, and cleaning. While many people with disabilities strive to live independently, they must be able to handle the stresses of everyday life before being without a caregiver. To teach this, nurses and therapists can work with your loved one to create games that teach these life skills.

Intellectually disabled people love games because it challenges their minds and allows them to have fun at the same time. Some activities include making a shopping list, learning how to create a meal plan, creating a daily chore chart, learning how to effectively wash and take care of personal hygiene, and even caring for a small pet like a fish.

Working with Your Homecare Team

Unless your loved one lives in a facility that cares for their needs, you will need to be an active participant when seeking out homecare assistance. Bromley families that rely on a nurse or therapist to provide intellectually stimulating activities or entertainment will need to help the patient practice on a regular basis. Work closely to create a care plan that not only involves helping your loved one learn life skills, but allows them to be a part of the community, too.

For some patients, too much stimulation outside of the home is overwhelming. However, if your loved one expresses an interest in gardening, painting, or arts and crafts, speak with your homecare assistance aide to find out how to best implement these hobbies into the person’s life. If you take an active role in finding outside activities for your loved one, but you worry about the impact it will have on them overall, speak with a therapist to discuss problems that could arise in a public situation.

Overall, intellectually disabled people enjoy being around others and thrive on regular companionship. However, you want to do what’s best for your loved one and not what you think is best. By allowing the pursuit of hobbies, you may notice that an intellectually disabled patient begins to grow rapidly, learning new skills all of the time. With homecare assistance in Bromley, you can feel confident that your loved one is receiving the best intellectually stimulating activities to encourage personal growth.

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Scheduling Pet Care for Home Ridden Patients

Studies show that pets provide a sense of companionship, love, and happiness to those who live alone or spend a lot of time at home. It’s been proven that animals can even help people fight depression, recover emotionally, and help those with learning disabilities interact and engage in ways not seen in traditional educational settings. People who desire to live an independent life at home, but struggle with a chronic illness that leaves them unable to provide proper care for a pet, can get the help they need from a home health services nurse or aide.

Pass on the Responsibility, Not the Pet

Hearing that you must spend most of your time at home recovering from a major surgery or dealing with a chronic illness can cause you to sink into a depressive state. Telling someone that he or she must get rid of a beloved pet because of an inability to properly care for it will only exacerbate a depressive state. Instead of forcing someone to relinquish their pet, hire a professional from home health services. Beckenham residents don’t need to worry about losing the love and companionship of a small dog or cat because there are services available that will work with you to create a tailor made pet care plan.

Pet Care Plans for Your Needs

Most likely, if you’re recovering from surgery or fighting an illness, you will need some form of home health services to assist with basic needs, medications, and doctor visits. Since the goal of a home healthcare agency is to help you maintain as much independence as possible, most of them are more than happy to help with pet care. You may only need part-time care, depending on someone to feed your dog in the morning and walk it during the day until a family caregiver helps at night. You may need temporary pet care until your recovery is further along and you are better able to care for an animal. Whatever your needs, a tailor made pet care plan will lay out all the details of the best ways to care for your pet while you recover from surgery or manage your health.

Rehoming Services

Although it’s not ideal, there are some situations where you will need to consider rehoming your pet. If your doctor believes it’s best not to have a pet in the home because of your illness, or if you can no longer financially support the needs of an animal, you may have to consider finding it a new, loving home. With the right home health services, Beckenham pet lovers can feel confident that your nurse or aide will try to assist you with finding a new home for your pet. If you don’t have anyone else that can help, your aide can make phone calls to local animal doctors or pet agencies to see the best ways to go about finding a new home for your pet. If you have a friend of family member willing to take your pet, your home care provider can help you through the struggle of saying goodbye and adjusting to life without your pet. While any medical professional understands the benefits of having a pet to love during a difficult time, it’s important to remember that your health must remain a priority.

Here you can know more about home health services in Beckenham.

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Take a Break with Respite Home Health Care in Bromley

Some families are lucky and have the ability to care for a loved one in the home so independence can be maintained while living in a familiar place. However, around the clock care can be draining both physically and emotionally for both the family caregiver and the loved one. It is in situations like this that respite home health care in Bromley makes perfect sense.

Kentish Home Care offers respite and sitting services as well as others that can be tailored to a patient’s needs. Breaks are necessary for the family caregiver as well as the loved one to maintain perspective and head off feelings of resentment and loss of control.

Defining Respite Home Health Care

Bromley area residents who care for someone often do so out of the kindness and affection they have for the loved one. No matter how good the relationship, it can still be stressful. Plus, the caregiver likely has many other responsibilities that they juggle. At some point, something has got to give. With the respite care provided by Kentish, the family caregiver can take a break while the loved one still receives the assistance necessary to stay in the home.

Tailor-Made Plans for Individuals

Individual personalities and quirks are often the reason why a “one size fits all” kind of care plan does not work. Bromley home health care can be customized to suit the needs of the individual, both in duties and in time. Both you and your loved one can meet with staff at Kentish to determine exactly what services are required. For instance, personal care assistance might be needed such as help getting out of bed or even showering and dressing.

Household duties such as cooking, cleaning and laundry might be part of the plan for home health care. Bromley residents who need services might also inquire about assistance for sorting out medication. Some people take multiple medications at different dosages at different times of day. It can get confusing! Respite care could include this type of aid.

Of course, sometimes a loved one simply needs a friendly, sympathetic ear. In this case, Kentish can arrange sitting services as part of Bromley home health care. Nothing strenuous is involved, but the opportunity to socialize with someone other than a family caregiver can be of great benefit. Many care options exist with Kentish Home Care.

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