Paying for Private Home Care Services for Elderly Family Members

When an elderly family member needs personal services for their health, you are often willing to pay anything to ensure they receive excellent care. However, being willing to pay anything and actually having the funds to finance private care are two different things. Thankfully, there are ways to afford private home care services in Bromley that allow you to provide the care you need for a loved one. At Kentish Homecare, we know the important decisions you need to make surrounding the financial aspect of private care and we work hard to help you locate the financing you need. Our staff will also work with you to discuss payment options.

Private Financing

One way many people pay for private home care services in Bromley is to use some type of private financing. This can include paying cash, charging the costs, or taking out a private loan to pay for the care. Not everyone can afford to pay cash for private home care, which is why there are other financing options available for families in the Bromley area.

Financial Help for Private Care

One way to receive assistance is to apply for help with social care. Kentish Homecare cannot qualify you for social care, but we will work with you through the process until you are either approved or denied. The severity of your medical issues may determine whether or not you qualify for assistance, but everyone should seek help before looking at alternate forms of payment.

Private home care services in Bromley are so important, which is why many families are willing to look at different methods of financing the care. If you have a loved one who wants to recover in the privacy of his or her home, begin researching your options early so that you’re prepared to provide the care without a delay.

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Rehabilitation Services Help Elderly Patients Recover Faster

Studies show that someone’s mental state is as important to recovery as their physical state. If a person undergoes a surgery or needs to recover from a medical issue, feeling comfortable, secure, and dignified is as important as taking the right medications and receiving the right therapy. With an elderly rehabilitation service, you or a loved one can receive the care they need right in the comfort of home. Patients who are able to recover at home may recover faster because they thrive on the confidence that comes from being able to recover in a familiar environment that allows for privacy. At Kentish Homecare, we offer elderly rehabilitation service to help you regain your confidence after returning home from a hospital stay.

Help with Personal Needs

The recovery process may require you to accept help for personal needs like bathing, eating, or walking. Our home health caregivers are experts at providing recovery services that help you regain your independence while still offering the support you need. Unlike a hospital, where you are given different nurses and possibly interrupted by other patients or doctors you aren’t familiar with, your elderly rehabilitation service caregiver will be the same person who learns how to work to meet your needs.

Respite Care for Loved Ones

Many people recover better when surrounded by loved ones, and being surrounded by loved ones in your own home is superior to people visiting you at the hospital. Even if you have a team of family members willing to help, hiring a professional caregiver will allow your family members a night off so that they can unwind and rest. Caregiving is a big responsibility, and the better refreshed your caregivers are, the better care they provide. With elderly rehabilitation service, you don’t have to worry about over burdening your loved ones because the respite worker will provide the break they need.

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Protect Your Health with Housekeeping Services

As people age, the act of cleaning their home can become difficult. Someone who once kept his or her home spic and span now struggles to do basic chores like sweeping or cleaning out the bathtub. When this happens, some seniors decide to abandon the home they know and love for an assisted living facility because they don’t see how they can manage their home and their health on their own. However, you don’t need to leave your home just because cleaning is a bit more difficult. There are services that offer housekeeping for seniors, and these services allow seniors to remain in the home they love and maintain the level of cleanliness that makes them comfortable.

Prevent Falls and Related Health Issues

Hiring a service that offers housekeeping for seniors can actually keep you or a loved one healthier. If you suffer from limited mobility, you increase the risk of falling if you try to lift heavy items or bend down to scrub out a bathtub or tile floors. The majority of elderly people who fall do end up with a severe injury that may require hospitalisation or rehabilitation treatments to help regain mobility and overcome the injury. You can prevent this scenario, and protect your health, by hiring a housekeeping service that specialises in working with elderly clients.

If you suffer from breathing issues, regular household chores can aggravate your condition and make it harder to breathe. You may not realize the amount of energy you exert when sweeping or mopping, and you risk becoming out of breath during household chores. By allowing a housekeeping service to take over your regular cleaning routine, you give yourself more time to enjoy your friends and family while maintaining your health at the same time.

Keeping Your Home Disinfected

Another way that a housekeeping for seniors service works to keep you healthy is by disinfecting your home on a regular basis. Some seniors have weakened immune systems and become sick easily. If your home becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, you may find that you have trouble maintaining good health and are always fighting off a cold. With proper cleaning, things like doorknobs, faucets, counters, and other areas of your home that you come into contact with frequently will be properly disinfected. This will reduce the amount of germs in your home and keep you healthier.

It can be difficult to give up tasks that once came easily to you. However, there are many benefits to a service that offers housekeeping for seniors. Rather than look at it as losing a piece of your old self, consider it a new way to care for your health and enjoy life.

Browse to get more information about Kentish Homecare’s housekeeping for seniors.

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Arranging Personal Affair Services for Patients with Memory Loss

As a person ages, signs of extreme memory loss may become apparent. If you have a loved one who frequently forgets where they are, doesn’t recognise certain people, or starts a task and abruptly forgets about it, they could be dealing with Alzheimer or dementia. When this happens, it’s time to begin focusing on their quality of life. One area that can become distorted is elderly personal affairs like paying bills, balancing a chequebook, and managing appointments. Seniors with memory problems may forget if they paid their bills, may pay the wrong bills, and can miss important doctor appointments or medications because they forgot. Families can help a loved one manage this time in their life by hiring an agency like Kentish Homecare to provide elderly personal affairs service.

Confidential, Personal Service

At Kentish Homecare, we pride ourselves on offering confidential elderly personal affair services. You can entrust your loved one’s personal information with us, and we will ensure that all of your loved one’s bills are paid on time and to the correct agency. We can even manage online billing. This is a great solution for families who live far apart but want the best care for their loved one. Our professionals know how to communicate with people suffering from memory loss, and we’ll use the proper methods and techniques to ensure that your loved one understands how we’re managing their affairs.

Appointment Scheduling for Medical Care

Another component of Kentish Homecare’s elderly personal affairs service is to assist your loved one with appointments. Memory loss can cause your loved one to forget about doctors’ appointments or forget to write down the appointments. This can delay medical care, and if doctor’s office doesn’t check in with the patients who miss appointments, your loved one could go without needed medical care for long periods of time. With Kentish Homecare service, you never have to worry about your loved one becoming sick due to a lack of medical care. Let us help you with our personalised elderly care services.

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Home Care Services for Seniors are Excellent Preventative Measures

When a person reaches old age, he or she could be at a higher risk for an accident, even if that individual takes the necessary care to avoid accidents.

Avoid Hospitalisations

There are many physical and mental challenges that can factor in and cause a person to be unable to live as safely as he or she once did during the earlier stages of life. That’s one reason why home care services for seniors are so valuable. They could help prevent accidents, and in turn, help clients save money on costly medical bills.

Home Care Prevents Helplessness

As a person gets older, he or she is also more prone to experiencing the discouragement and frustration that can come after discovering certain things are no longer possible to do without help. Those feelings can be extremely damaging, because they may make a person feel helpless.

Fortunately, a professional who offers home care services for seniors can offer a helping hand when necessary, but also encourage a client to be maximally independent. That can be a strong reminder to a person that although he or she does need help with certain things, that reality doesn’t indicate total helplessness.

Learn About Professional Home Care Today

For more than 25 years, experts at Kentish Homecare have been providing a wide range of customised home care services for seniors. From 24-hour care to risk assessments of a person’s residence, we offer those services and many others. If you’ve been considering whether now is a good time to get home care for a loved one, we’re ready to offer the insight that’s necessary to make a well-informed decision.

Contact us to schedule a free 60-minute consultation that’ll help you understand the benefits of using Kentish Homecare when you require home care services for seniors. The information you receive could provide valuable peace of mind.

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Ways to Find Reputable Elder Care Services in Bromley

If you require elder care services in Bromley, it’s important to perform a careful search so you can feel confident you’re making a smart decision, rather than one that’s made in haste. Keep reading to learn a few ways you can locate a worthwhile provider in the area.

Look for Well-Established Elder Care Companies

When a company has been able to successfully operate in a community for several years or even longer, that is a strong indication it has worked hard to serve clients with excellence. When you’re narrowing down choices for elder care services in Bromley, focus on those that have been assisting clients for a long time. Kentish Homecare has been helping clients for over two decades, and the individuals who work there take pride in maintaining an excellent quality of care when working with every client.

Ask Trustworthy Friends to Recommend Companies

It’s also worthwhile to ask people you trust if they can recommend some providers of elder care services in Bromley. If you don’t know anyone to ask, it’s a good idea to read testimonials from customers who have used a particular company. You can see some of those by browsing pages within the Kentish Homecare website.

Schedule a Consultation About Elder Care

Once you have at least one candidate for elder care services in Bromley, it’s time to get a consultation so you can learn about what sort of assistance is offered. Kentish Homecare specialises in tailored assistance for clients, whether that means helping a person care for his or her pets, offering rehabilitation services after an operation, or just giving regular companionship.

Contact Kentish Homecare today to request your complimentary one-hour consultation. Getting informed is a crucial step towards understanding more about how professional assistance could help you or a loved one live a maximally fruitful life at any age.

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Assessments Are An Important Precursor to Home Health Services in Beckenham

Perhaps you have been considering getting home health services in Beckenham for a person who lives in the area, but are still feeling a little uncertain about whether or not that is the right route to take. In many cases, well-intentioned loved ones end up delaying getting assistance for too long, because they are concerned about compromising a loved one’s right to dignity and independence. Fortunately, there are two types of professional assessments that can offer helpful insight as you make this important decision.

Residential Assessments

Many people don’t realise just how dangerous some areas of the home can be until accidents happen. Even if you are not sure now is the right time to hire someone to provide home health services in Beckenham, it’s still a good idea to request that a professional do an assessment of a person’s home. The information gained could determine if a living environment has certain characteristics that could make accidents more likely to happen.

Steep staircases and uneven walkways are two things that can be potentially hazardous, but things like cabinets that require a person to reach up to a very high level in order to gain access can also cause problems by compromising a person’s sense of balance.

Personal Care Assessments

The decision to get home health services in Beckenham is often solidified after an individual undergoes a personal care assessment. During one of those evaluations, it may be discovered that a person can do some tasks of daily living without trouble, but has difficulty with certain things, such as bathing.

If you are curious about how home health services in Beckenham could help someone you love, contact Kentish Homecare now. We have been providing assistance to clients in the area for more than two decades. Whether you request an assessment like those listed above, or just want to know more about what we provide, let us answer your questions now.

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The Less Obvious Benefits of Personal Care Services

Hiring someone to provide personal care services has many clear advantages. A professional caregiver could enable an individual to receive the assistance he or she needs without having to move away from home. Also, this option allows loved ones to feel at ease knowing professional help will be available when relatives are unable to provide it. There are also other benefits that are just as worthwhile, but not as noticeable.

Increased Self Confidence

Whether a person is dealing with a temporary illness, or the ongoing challenges of getting older, having access to compassionate personal care services can allow an individual to feel more confident about living a life that’s as independent as possible. Without knowing a helping hand is available, a person might feel extremely overwhelmed, even to the point of battling perceived worthlessness.

Personal Care Services Prevent Accidents

Having someone nearby to provide help also reduces the chances a person will fall or get hurt in some other way because he or she was trying to do something outside of the scope of current abilities. Many people don’t think about this advantage because they have never been in the frightening situation of helping someone recover after having an accident at home. However, there is no reason to wait to get help until after an accident occurs. A caregiver can make it so accidents are almost entirely preventable.

A Safeguard From Isolation

Many people become very skilled at making others think everything is going well and nothing is amiss. However, some individuals may be feeling isolated, and hiding it very well. A professional who provides personal care services can provide consistent attention so clients don’t feel lonely and cut off from the world.

As you can see, having a person around to provide assistance has perks that aren’t always immediately evident. To learn more about whether someone in your life could benefit from this type of help, contact us at Kentish Homecare and request a complimentary consultation.

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Respite Care Services Can Help You Get Back on Track

Being a caregiver is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Most people willingly rise to the task of assisting a friend or family member who’s in need. However, that doesn’t mean those bold individuals don’t also need some time for themselves. Respite care services are helpful because they offer short-term assistance that benefits the caregiver as well as the person who requires care.

Give Yourself Time to Regroup

One of the realities of being a caregiver is it can make you fall into a very monotonous pattern. When your way of life is starting to feel stagnant, it can also make you feel unfulfilled. Avoid the complexities of that emotion by working with a company like Kentish Homecare that provides respite care services. Just a bit of time away can be great for helping you feel restored and ready to do your duty to the fullest once again.

Handle Mounting Responsibilities

Your job as a caregiver may make it very hard to find time to deal with other parts of your life. Perhaps you need to tend to a yard that has become overgrown with weeds, or take time away to shop for a new car because the vehicle you have has become very unreliable. These are just a couple of examples of things that may have to be done but might be ignored for too long unless you use respite care services.

Don’t Avoid Getting Help

You may not be willing to ask a friend or family member to watch over a loved one while you enjoy a short break for the reasons above or similar ones. That’s understandable, especially if you are sensitive to the reality that those individuals have lives of their own to manage.

Take a better approach and contact us at Kentish Homecare. We specialise in respite care services, among other offerings that help our clients and their family members lead satisfying lives. Arrange your free 60-minute consultation now.

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Do You Need Elderly Personal Affairs Assistance?

Life can be hard to deal with sometimes, especially if you are an older adult. Things can seem even more challenging if you’re dealing with an injury or illness on top of old age. Fortunately, an assistant who’s hired to help with elderly personal affairs can help ease the burdens you face.

Someone to Help Make Sure Your Bills Are Paid

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life, your mind may seem so full of thoughts that you forget to do things like pay the rent or the electric bill. Before you know it, your landlord or utility provider may be on the other end of your phone line, angrily demanding that you pay or face the consequences. A person who offers assistance with elderly personal affairs can help you take care of any necessary paperwork, banking necessities, and related factors so your bills get paid on time every month.

Help With Shopping

If you find you often dread shopping for groceries or other items because of all the hassles it involves, that’s another good reason to think about working with a company that offers an elderly personal affairs service. A professional can help you reach for items that may be hard to access if you’re buying something in a shop, and make sure you have help carrying things so you won’t need to strain or risk losing your balance. It’s even possible to make a list for your attendant so he or she can go out and get items for you if you’re not feeling up to it.

Request Help With Your Personal Affairs Today

You’ve just learned about two common reasons why people may choose to hire elderly personal affairs experts, but there are many others. Contact us at Kentish Homecare today and get a complimentary consultation to learn more about the scope of our services.

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