Things You Didn’t Know Home Care Services Could Help With

Are you in a situation where you could benefit from home care services in Bromley? Local home care services could provide you with a multitude of options. Some of these are service offerings you might be aware of from Bromley home care service but some of these might surprise you.

Caring for Pets

When someone’s health declines, caring for pets can be a difficult thing. Getting help can ensure that the affected individual gets to keep their beloved pet and know that the animal is being cared for. Home care services can help with feeding, grooming, walking the pet, and cleaning up after your pet, too.

Medication Assistance

Dealing with multiple medications, varying rules about full or empty stomach, and doing so without feeling 100% can be complicated and it can also be dangerous. Home care services can ensure that patients get their medication on the appropriate schedule.

Help with Personal Affairs

Personal affairs may be something you need help with. Paying bills, scheduling maintenance on your property, making appointments, getting to and from appointments, and so forth.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one who is disabled, ill, or recovering from surgery or illness can be exhausting. Maybe you need a break occasionally. Perhaps you need help at night or on a specific date when you have errands. Maybe you’re under the weather and need someone who is healthy and well to look after your loved one. It’s okay to ask for help. Home care services in Bromley can help you get the breather you need so that you’re going to be better able to care for your loved one. Don’t forget, in order to be there for them you need to ensure you take good care of yourself, too. We can help with that.

Whether you need temporary home care services in the Bromley area or are looking for some assistance for the foreseeable future talk to us at Kentish Homecare. We would be happy to tailor services to your needs.

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Customised Elderly Rehabilitation Service Options Can Help You or Your Loved One Get Independent Again

Do you or does one of your loved ones require elderly rehabilitation service?  There area number of instances where this can be extremely important and extremely helpful, too, including:

•    Post-surgery
•    After an accident
•    After a lengthy illness
•    Due to a sudden decline in health

Rehabilitation to Get Back to Your Old Self

The right rehabilitation service for the elderly can mean that they’re able to get up and about, that they can resume activities they enjoy, and can even mean the difference between being able to attend to personal hygiene matters and requiring a round-the-clock carer.

While recovering from illness or surgery, carers can help with getting the patient up and about, helping with hygiene and household duties, as well as anything related to post-operative or post-illness care, helping with ensuring the patient has the very best chance of a full recovery. Cooking, housekeeping, shopping, and assisting with personal affairs can even be part of the service offering.

Rehabilitation When Life Needs to Change

Of course the amount of independence that can be gained will vary, depending on the health of the person requiring the rehabilitation service. There may be the need for everyday adjustments to account for the change in their health. In this case, rehabilitation services aren’t just available to help people get back to where they were before the illness or surgery but can help people also when they need to adjust to a new lifestyle based on changes to their mobility or their abilities.

The right rehabilitation services can help your elderly loved one get back to their old self. They could get back to a new and improved version of their older self, even — depending on the reason they need elderly rehabilitation services. But the sooner you arrange it, the sooner you can look forward to an improvement. The right service can make a marked difference in the physical as well as emotional status of someone who has recently suffered a health setback.

Talk to us at Kentish Homecare about your needs for elderly rehabilitation service and we would be pleased to help arrange the service and personalised assistance from a caring and compassionate professional who can help optimise your recovery.

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Seniors: Get Help with Your Personal Affairs

An elderly person who doesn’t have a close enough family member that they can work with on their personal affairs can have difficulties getting everything done in a timely fashion. Paying bills on time, making and getting to appointments, keeping track of household expenses and household chores can all take a toll. As we get older our memory can decline and we can also have difficulty getting around. You can get assistance with your personal affairs as an elderly person without giving up your rights.

Even if you don’t need ongoing assistance but require short term help during a hospitalisation or other period of time, the right help can give you peace of mind that your affairs will continue to be in order.

Kentish Homecare: Elderly Personal Affairs Assistance

Keeping track of personal affairs can be one of the most complex elements of elderly life and if you’re about to be in the hospital or are simply finding it too overwhelming to keep up with everything, help could be a saving grace. This is especially the case when you’ve suffered a health setback, had surgery, or suffered the loss of a spouse and find yourself with out of the ordinary circumstances to deal with.

Homecare is available for more than medical assistance, housekeeping, cooking, and caring for pets. You can also get help from a trusted individual who can assist you with managing your personal affairs.  This isn’t a task to be taken lightly by anyone. Many seniors fear that if they get involvement from a family member they will be seen as incompetent. Perhaps there’s no one close enough that they trust. The right assistance should be professional, confidential, and completely trustworthy.

Even if assistance is simply required temporarily because a trusted loved one needs to be out of the country for a little while or because you’re having a minor procedure and need assistance for just a short time elderly personal affairs assistance services can be arranged.

Kentish Homecare is a trusted and professional company with a variety of services to senior citizens as well as others who simply need a bit of help. Whether you need help collection your pension, collecting money owed, paying bills, balancing your budget, or other areas, we would be happy to offer our services. Talk to us today about your needs and we can explain how we can help.

We are able to help those recovering after hospitalisation, those who are about to require surgery, for those who need help at home, with rehabilitation after surgery or illness, for care of pets, and more.  Talk to us about your needs today.

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Ways Senior Home Care Can Help You Remain Independent

Are you finding it difficult to manage all that needs to be done at home due to health problems or lack of mobility?Are your children pressuring you to move out into a more manageable home? Or are you thinking you might have no choice despite the fact that no one is pressuring you because it’s just getting too difficult to maintain your home?

It’s tough to admit it but as we get older it’s not so easy to deal with all the little things that add up at home, especially if you’re suddenly alone because of the death of a spouse or other loved ones who just don’t have enough time to help you as much as you need to be helped.

Get Help with Household Chores

Whether you need help with major or minor household chores you might find it overwhelming and it’s important for your state of mind to do something about that as soon as possible.  There can be changes made to your home to make it easier to remain there. But even with this there may be the need to get some assistance either on an ongoing basis or occasionally, to help you with certain elements of living at home alone.

Some people opt to move to a place that’s easier to care for.Some move in with relatives or into assisted living facilities. But for some, they don’t want to give up their home or their privacy. A good alternative is to get some senior home care. Beckenham residents can have their pick of a variety of services that can make remaining independent and in your home easier.

Between assistance and a few changes that can be made to make your home (such as a walk-in tub, chair lift, safety rails, etc.,) you can make it more senior-friendly by getting some personalised help, Add to some minor adjustments some assistance from a qualified home care service in Bekchenhamand you could see a marked difference in your ability to remain independent in a place you want to live in. This could also put your loved ones (who are concerned about your being alone) at ease.

Remain Home and Fairly Independent

Senior home care Beckenham services can do everything from light housekeeping and cooking and helping with caring for pets, helping you with personal hygiene and medical help, and so forth. Talk to us at Kentish Homecare about your needs and we can help you explore ways to make remaining independent more feasible.

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Assessing Your Home for Risks before Bringing Home an Elderly Relative

When an elderly loved one undergoes a surgery or needs time to recover from a fall, you may consider bringing that person into your home. The recovery period for some people is very short, but others can take months to fully recover, especially if their recovery becomes derailed by illness. If you agree to help an elderly loved one during the recovery period, you may want to consider home health care in Bromley from Kentish Homecare. This service can provide additional support and help you assess the current condition of your home to determine if you have a safe environment for an elderly loved one.

Safety Is Important for Recovery

Unless your loved one is bed ridden, it’s safe to assume they will try to use the bathroom, get food, and do other daily things on their own. While you may need to provide personal support at first, as they grow stronger they will begin to attempt things on their own. You have to ensure that that environment you provide is safe. How do you assess your home for potential dangers? You can hire a professional from home health care in Bromley to conduct a professional assessment and make recommendations. Just like preparing for a new baby, you need to look around your home and determine if there are any fall hazards and possibly rearrange furniture so that it’s easier to move around in the event your loved one needs a walker or wheelchair.

Professional Caregivers Have Experience

One reason you should allow a professional from home health care in Bromley to assess your home is that they have experience getting places ready for recovering patients. Kentish Homecare nurses and assistants have experienced all sorts of things from patients, including things that work and don’t work when living with someone who is recovering. They may be able to recommend things you didn’t even think of, and make suggestions for things that aren’t easily changed but could be modified to be made easier or safer. By working together as a team, you ensure that your loved one is safe while regaining their health.

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As Needed Personal Care Services from Kentish Homecare

Kentish Homecare agency is a home health care company that specialises in providing personal nursing care, respite care, housekeeping services, and more for both chronically ill individuals and elderly patients. Our company also offers as-needed personal care services so that our clients can get the assistance they need without committing to long-term care. Whether you need temporary meal preparation or want a break from your caretaking responsibilities, we can provide a professional caretaker who will meet your needs and ensure you enjoy working with Kentish Homecare agency.

Temporary Care for Recovery

When you undergo a major surgery or suffer from a chronic illness that flares and subsides, you may need temporary care while you recover. If you’re an independent person who lives alone, our professionals can provide you with personal care services that include bathing, eating, medication distribution, and even scheduling your doctor appointments. Our goal at Kentish Homecare agency is to help you maintain your independence but provide help where needed. Studies show that a strong support system can help a person recover faster than someone who struggles alone.
Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, and Pet Care

Sometimes when you’re recovering, you need someone who can pick up the slack when it comes to daily tasks. We offer a team of people who will be happy to help you with basic housekeeping tasks, preparing meals, and providing general care for a cat or dog. You don’t have to worry that your house will become dirty or your pet will be neglected. We will take care of everything so that you can focus on your recovery and health.

The best part of our services is that we provide them on an as-needed basis. You never have to agree to long term care or sign any contracts that commit you to a certain length of care. Kentish Homecare agency serves the Bromley area and strives to meet the needs of all patients. We can work directly for you as you recover, or your loved one can set up a schedule with us to provide as-needed care.

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Pets and the Health Benefits for Older Adults

Having pets can be enriching for anyone and it can be particularly helpful to older adults, especially if they live alone. The companionship of a pet can be very comforting to an elderly person. Whether it’s a dog or cat, pet bird or other animal, it’s something that a person who lives alone can benefit from.

Pets Can Help the Elderly

Studies have even shown that pets provide benefits to the elderly, going as far as lowering stress levels. Many seniors homes have visits from pets. Dogs and cats, in particular, are often brought in to keep the senior citizens company.

In addition, service animals can help people by providing for their needs, as well as the benefit of pets helping older adults stay in shape with regular exercise, too. Daily walks with a dog can ensure that you get fresh air, vitamin D, and exercise.

Before You Rehome an Elderly Loved One’s Pet:

Pets aren’t always easy to care for when you have mobility issues, when you’ve had surgery or an accident, or when you are getting older.  Some people feel that once their loved one becomes too elderly to look after their pet that they should re-home the pet.  This can cause stress and be traumatic for your loved one. Before removing a pet from your elderly loved one’s home, it’s prudent to look at alternatives that benefit your loved one and ensure the animal also receives the care and attention needed.

For those who want pets but aren’t sure they have the ability to provide regular exercise, grooming, trips to the veterinarian, and so forth, there is help available.  Beyond regular pet sitting or dog walking services, if you receive homecare, pet care services can be added to the services provided by your professional carer.

At Kentish Homecare, we offers a variety of services tailored to your needs. We would be pleased to provide you with a consultation where we can discuss your needs.

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How to Arrange Breaks From Caregiving

Looking after a loved one can be a full-time job. Everyone who has a full-time job needs an occasional break.  Despite your best efforts you may need help from time to time. Whether your loved one was injured from an accident, is elderly, or has limited mobility and needs constant care, getting help on occasion can be good for both of you.


You need a break sometimes. Whether you need  help for the nighttime on an ongoing basis or simply need a break due to other things going on in your life right now, getting breaks from full time caregiving can help fortify you so that after your break you have more energy to be present for your loved one. Getting run down due to lack of a break doesn’t do either of you any good.

Your Loved One:

Despite your best efforts in caring for your loved one, your loved one can also benefit from professional services. Professional carers can help your loved one be more mobile and self-sufficient and can teach you ways of caring that can save you time and save your loved one discomfort. Many people who use the services of a professional career temporarily find that they assimilate knowledge from that carer that helps them better care for their loved one going forward.

Choosing a Carer to Help

Hiring someone on an individual basis may be something you are considering. But it’s not easy to go through the hiring process. In addition to placing an advert, interviewing people, and then doing background checks and reference cheques, you need to then go through the process of getting that person up to speed on the needs of your loved one.  It can be time consuming and it can be a financial strain.

If you hire someone through a service that offers care, most of this is done for you. You simply let the home care service know what you need, how often you need it, and what the special needs are of your loved one. The service sends someone who has been vetted. Another advantage to leveraging the services of a service rather than hiring an individual is that they will not only have a back-up (if the carer working with you suddenly needs time off) but they can be available as and when you need them, even on short notice.

Talk to Kentish Homecare about your needs today. We would be happy to help you care for your loved one.

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How to Seek Assistance for Home Care Funding

When you or a loved one needs home care, you may worry about funding home care on your budget. The truth is that receiving government support can be difficult for some and easy for others. Only the council can determine if someone meets the eligibility requirements to receive financial assistance for home care. If you need help funding home care, you can try to work directly with the home care agency that you want to work with because they will have specialists who know how to connect you with the necessary resources. A financial specialist at the home care agency can also tell you about packages they offer that help you save on costs while getting the care you need.

Applying for Social Care through the National Health Service

Social care is not available to everyone, but those showing severe financial restraints, or who are eligible based on the Mental Health Act, may receive some form of assistance. The government may give you an allowance to spend toward home care services. This assistance may cover all of your costs or only a portion of your costs, but it will provide you with some level of funding for personal services. Working directly with the home care agency may be the best way to get help with applying for assistance and exploring all of your options for funding home care.

If you are the direct caregiver of a person eligible for assistance, you may also qualify to receive financing to help pay for costs. There are certain requirements, such as providing care for a certain number of hours per week and proving that the person you care for is eligible for disability benefits, but it’s a great way to get additional funding that you can use for health services.

Funding Home Care Privately

If you don’t qualify for social care and can’t get any other type of assistance, you may have to pay for home care services privately. The home health care agency you choose may offer different types of packages to help make personal care affordable. The agency may also offer their own financing or make recommendations for ways you can apply for financing. Many people find that respite care is affordable, but if you need 24-hour care or overnight care, you may need to find alternate ways to finance these services.

Private paying has its benefits, as you won’t need to wait for approval as you do with social care. However, if money is tight and you don’t believe you will be able to afford home care, a representative from the home care agency should be able to supply you with the resources you need to apply for funding or alternate financing. The best thing to do is plan ahead for future healthcare needs and save some money that you can use for future home services. This way, if you don’t qualify for social care, you will have some money to pay for basic home care services.

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Home Health Care Workers Can Help Monitor Overall Health

Not every person who takes advantage of home health care in Bromley needs intensive services. Some people just need someone who can monitor their overall health and manage their medications. Kentish Homecare provides private home health care for patients who need a variety of services, including general health monitoring. This type of service also helps part-time family caregivers who don’t have the time needed to provide consistent monitoring and will benefit from having someone who helps keep basic health records.

General Health Needs and Basics

A few things that workers for home health care in Bromley can do is monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and breathing rate. These general health basics can tell a lot about a person’s overall health, and keeping a consistent record of these numbers can help medical professionals assess if a patient needs to change medications, make a doctor’s appointment, or seek emergency care. If a home health care worker notices that a patient’s blood pressure is too high or too low over a period of a few days or weeks, he or she can recommend that the patient call their doctor. The same is true for other things like blood sugar and heart rate.

Prevention is Key to Good Health

The best medicine is prevention. Consistent health monitoring allows you to prevent an emergency situation by tackling a problem as it arises. Patients who don’t receive consistent monitoring are often at a higher rate of experiencing a heart attack, low blood sugar, or problems breathing. With private home health care in Bromley, you can feel confident that you or a loved one are receiving premier care from an agency that cares about the patient. If you’re a caregiver, you can feel good about the health of your loved one, knowing that consistent monitoring is helping to prevent future problems.

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