Elderly rehabilitation services

Kentish Homecare can provide you with care, respect and dignity if you require elderly rehabilitation services during an illness or following a stay in hospital. As much as most people would prefer to do everything for themselves, sometimes this is not possible. However, we can bring you the freedom and independence you deserve whilst allowing you to stay within your home instead of moving elsewhere.

We can give you the care and support you need whilst you’re undergoing rehabilitation, so talk to us today if you require help with performing regular tasks.

Helping in various ways

We are here to help with things like dressing, bathing and eating. If performing duties outside of the house isn’t currently an option, we can take care of duties like doing your weekly food shop for you, too. You may find you can do some things but cannot perform other duties. We are here to fill in the gap and help you make all the adjustments you need to, giving you all the extra help that you require via high-quality elderly rehabilitation services.

We can assist you

Maybe your friends and family members would like to help more but simply don’t have the time because of work duties and other obligations? Then allow us to come to your assistance. Readjusting to life back at home after a hospital stay can be tough, but we’re here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our carers fully understand your situation and have years of experience to draw upon. We can provide assistance with walking and help you with personal activities like washing, bathing, dressing and getting in and out of bed. We can also help with cooking, cleaning and washing duties whilst making your home as hygienic and safe for you to live in as possible.

Call us today if you require professional elderly rehabilitation services.

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Home delivered meals for seniors

We can help if you need to arrange quality home delivered meals for seniors.

At Kentish Homecare, we offer meal preparation as part of our personal care packages and can collaborate with you to ensure all your dietary needs are fulfilled. We are regularly asked to help after doctors give new diets for seniors. Complying with dietary requirements can be tough, especially when you are recovering from an illness or already have things like pill schedules to think about. Why not talk to us today if you’re not quite sure which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating? Our staff can work with you and your doctor to make sure you’re getting the nutrition that you need.

Vast experience

Talk to us today if you’re interested in getting home delivered meals for seniors. Choose us and you’ll be able to talk to a professional with excellent food handling knowledge and vast experience in making delicious yet nutritious meals. We can help you get the right food for breakfast, lunch and dinner; whether you need assistance with one or all three meals. There are many different approaches we can use. For instance, we can cook a large number of meals to be stocked in the freezer for you to heat when you’re hungry. We can also prepare fresh meals every day if you cannot heat food yourself. If you’re no longer able to go shopping yourself, we are here to support you.

Snack and beverages

We can also help with simple snack and beverages that comply with dietary restrictions. If we’re helping a friend or family member to care for you, they’ll be able to provide you with snacks and beverages that won’t harm you. Kentish Homecare is here to help you enjoy the levels of freedom and independence that you require without putting your health or safety at risk.

We specialise in providing diet-compliant home-delivered meals for seniors, so why not get in touch today to learn more about how we can help?

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Pet sitting services

If you’re recovering from an illness or can no longer get around like you could before, but require assistance with looking after a pet, we can help. At Kentish Homecare, we can provide you and your companion with the care and attention you deserve. Many studies have shown how keeping a pet can prolong your life and even demonstrated how having an animal at home can provide various health benefits. However, looking after a pet can become a challenge when you fall ill. Nonetheless, we can provide the first-class pet sitting services you require so your pet can still get the treatment he or she requires.

Pets reduce stress

Elderly people staying in their homes shouldn’t be a hassle or rare; everyone deserves the chance to stay at home. However, looking after pets can be difficult and sometimes a little extra help is welcome. We are happy to see so many elderly people continue to live fulfilling lives and maintain their independence at home. Caring for pets can become very difficult when illness strikes, but we believe that re-homing your animal should be a last resort. Being forced to re-home a pet can add to stress levels, which is why we endeavour to make sure your companion can continue to live with you by offering first-class pet sitting services.

No need to separate

Asking a friend or family member to look after a pet for you is not always possible, especially when others have full-time jobs to attend to. We are against sending pets away to shelters unless there is no other option. Pets are renowned for providing the type of unconditional love and quality companionship that can be crucial to an elderly person’s well-being. We can provide you with the services of a care provider that will be able to take care of you and your pet, treating you both with dignity.

Whether you are the person that requires care or you’re looking for care services on behalf of a loved one, we can be counted on to deliver the excellence you’re seeking. We can walk, feed and groom and simply spend time with pets, so call today to find out more our quality pet sitting services.

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Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services

At Kentish Homecare, we can help if you or a loved one require personal care services. We give people the care they need and deserve after surgery or during chronic illnesses and can provide an array of care services to our clients so they don’t need to try and go it alone. The quality of our services means that our clients don’t need to move out of their own homes and can remain in their own environment without risking accidents or injuries. We want to help you live a fulfilling life without having to leave your home.

A tailored approach

We treat each client as an individual, which means we always create bespoke care plans instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that your needs differ from those of other patients, which is why we look closely at your circumstances and ask you a number of questions so that we can create the ideal care plan. The staff can collaborate with other people that provide care for you, such as friends and family members, in order to deliver the perfect range of services. You’ll get the chance to tell us about any concerns you might have, and you can ask a friend or family member to sit in on the assessment with you.

Dignity, care and respect

You can count on us to handle simple tasks like combing your hair as well as more complex challenges like bathing. We can help you to get dressed and assist with dental care. No matter how small the task seems, we can help, even if you simply require someone to spend time with you – just ask! We always treat your privacy and dignity with respect whilst allowing you to feel happy, confident and completely secure in your home.

Why not talk to us today if you require personal care services during a period of rehabilitation?

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Housekeeping services in Beckenham

If you’re no longer able to fulfil housekeeping duties due to illness or old age, talk to Kentish Homecare.

At Kentish Homecare, we can take some of the stress of performing everyday duties from you and give you the independence and dignity you need, whilst allowing you to continue living in your own home. We can provide you with the quality you need if you require housekeeping services in Beckenham.

Help after hospital

Have you recently returned from a stay in hospital? Are you recovering from an illness? If so, we can provide you with exceptional housekeeping services in Beckenham. We can provide you with the assistance you need whilst giving you all the independence you require. Completing all the household duties you need to do can seem impossible if you’re struggling to get around, have a chronic condition or are recovering from an illness.

Get the plan you need

We can help you with various daily chores including, but not limited to; washing dishes, making beds and cleaning floors. 24-hour care is also available if you require a significant amount of assistance. If you only need help in certain areas, we can draw up a personal care plan tailored towards your specific, individual needs. This could be ideal if you only require help with certain duties like washing clothes or mopping once or twice per week.

We also offer deep clean services and can sanitize your home fully if you’ve been away from it for a while, preparing it for when you return. Other duties we can help with include; dusting, cleaning linens, scrubbing bathrooms and mopping, and we can provide these services on an “as-needed” basis, if you so wish.

Talk to us today if you need housekeeping services in Beckenham – you won’t be disappointed.

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Are Personal Care Service Jobs Right for Me?

Personal care services jobs aren’t just a job for some people. For some this vocation is more of a calling. Some people are natural born nurturers and for that reason, they gravitate toward careers where they can illustrate that. Doctors, nurses, personal care services, and so forth are jobs where caring about wellness is vital. Being a friendly face and a helping hand to someone who is ill or who is unable to care for themselves either due to age, injury, or disability is something that is highly worthwhile. If you’re a nurturing individual you might be well suited to personal care services jobs.


Research the job description of personal care services jobs to find out if they are a right fit for you. These jobs aren’t always easy. It can be emotionally draining when a patient has difficulty or when someone passes away. It can also require a great deal of patience in dealing with helping someone who is having physical and / or emotional difficulty with their situation. You may also need to do less than desirable jobs at times to help someone take care of themselves but these jobs can also be highly rewarding. Going home at the end of a day making someone else’s day better is something you can feel good about.

Investigate Companies Hiring

Some companies have many openings in personal care services jobs areas. They can have a fairly rigorous screening process to ensure that you are the right person for the job so be prepared to illustrate your experience, education, and people skills. People skills are vital in this industry where you’ll be called upon to help someone who is ill, who is in pain, or who is frustrated with their change in health and inability to do things for themselves. You could work with one patient regularly or be tasked with attending to different patients in different scenarios.

If this sounds like the type of rewarding career you’re interested in, check out the Kentish Homecare prequalification questionnaire to see if we might be a good fit together.

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Things You Didn’t Know Home Care Services Could Help With

Are you in a situation where you could benefit from home care services in Bromley? Local home care services could provide you with a multitude of options. Some of these are service offerings you might be aware of from Bromley home care service but some of these might surprise you.

Caring for Pets

When someone’s health declines, caring for pets can be a difficult thing. Getting help can ensure that the affected individual gets to keep their beloved pet and know that the animal is being cared for. Home care services can help with feeding, grooming, walking the pet, and cleaning up after your pet, too.

Medication Assistance

Dealing with multiple medications, varying rules about full or empty stomach, and doing so without feeling 100% can be complicated and it can also be dangerous. Home care services can ensure that patients get their medication on the appropriate schedule.

Help with Personal Affairs

Personal affairs may be something you need help with. Paying bills, scheduling maintenance on your property, making appointments, getting to and from appointments, and so forth.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one who is disabled, ill, or recovering from surgery or illness can be exhausting. Maybe you need a break occasionally. Perhaps you need help at night or on a specific date when you have errands. Maybe you’re under the weather and need someone who is healthy and well to look after your loved one. It’s okay to ask for help. Home care services in Bromley can help you get the breather you need so that you’re going to be better able to care for your loved one. Don’t forget, in order to be there for them you need to ensure you take good care of yourself, too. We can help with that.

Whether you need temporary home care services in the Bromley area or are looking for some assistance for the foreseeable future talk to us at Kentish Homecare. We would be happy to tailor services to your needs.

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Customised Elderly Rehabilitation Service Options Can Help You or Your Loved One Get Independent Again

Do you or does one of your loved ones require elderly rehabilitation service?  There area number of instances where this can be extremely important and extremely helpful, too, including:

•    Post-surgery
•    After an accident
•    After a lengthy illness
•    Due to a sudden decline in health

Rehabilitation to Get Back to Your Old Self

The right rehabilitation service for the elderly can mean that they’re able to get up and about, that they can resume activities they enjoy, and can even mean the difference between being able to attend to personal hygiene matters and requiring a round-the-clock carer.

While recovering from illness or surgery, carers can help with getting the patient up and about, helping with hygiene and household duties, as well as anything related to post-operative or post-illness care, helping with ensuring the patient has the very best chance of a full recovery. Cooking, housekeeping, shopping, and assisting with personal affairs can even be part of the service offering.

Rehabilitation When Life Needs to Change

Of course the amount of independence that can be gained will vary, depending on the health of the person requiring the rehabilitation service. There may be the need for everyday adjustments to account for the change in their health. In this case, rehabilitation services aren’t just available to help people get back to where they were before the illness or surgery but can help people also when they need to adjust to a new lifestyle based on changes to their mobility or their abilities.

The right rehabilitation services can help your elderly loved one get back to their old self. They could get back to a new and improved version of their older self, even — depending on the reason they need elderly rehabilitation services. But the sooner you arrange it, the sooner you can look forward to an improvement. The right service can make a marked difference in the physical as well as emotional status of someone who has recently suffered a health setback.

Talk to us at Kentish Homecare about your needs for elderly rehabilitation service and we would be pleased to help arrange the service and personalised assistance from a caring and compassionate professional who can help optimise your recovery.

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Seniors: Get Help with Your Personal Affairs

An elderly person who doesn’t have a close enough family member that they can work with on their personal affairs can have difficulties getting everything done in a timely fashion. Paying bills on time, making and getting to appointments, keeping track of household expenses and household chores can all take a toll. As we get older our memory can decline and we can also have difficulty getting around. You can get assistance with your personal affairs as an elderly person without giving up your rights.

Even if you don’t need ongoing assistance but require short term help during a hospitalisation or other period of time, the right help can give you peace of mind that your affairs will continue to be in order.

Kentish Homecare: Elderly Personal Affairs Assistance

Keeping track of personal affairs can be one of the most complex elements of elderly life and if you’re about to be in the hospital or are simply finding it too overwhelming to keep up with everything, help could be a saving grace. This is especially the case when you’ve suffered a health setback, had surgery, or suffered the loss of a spouse and find yourself with out of the ordinary circumstances to deal with.

Homecare is available for more than medical assistance, housekeeping, cooking, and caring for pets. You can also get help from a trusted individual who can assist you with managing your personal affairs.  This isn’t a task to be taken lightly by anyone. Many seniors fear that if they get involvement from a family member they will be seen as incompetent. Perhaps there’s no one close enough that they trust. The right assistance should be professional, confidential, and completely trustworthy.

Even if assistance is simply required temporarily because a trusted loved one needs to be out of the country for a little while or because you’re having a minor procedure and need assistance for just a short time elderly personal affairs assistance services can be arranged.

Kentish Homecare is a trusted and professional company with a variety of services to senior citizens as well as others who simply need a bit of help. Whether you need help collection your pension, collecting money owed, paying bills, balancing your budget, or other areas, we would be happy to offer our services. Talk to us today about your needs and we can explain how we can help.

We are able to help those recovering after hospitalisation, those who are about to require surgery, for those who need help at home, with rehabilitation after surgery or illness, for care of pets, and more.  Talk to us about your needs today.

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Ways Senior Home Care Can Help You Remain Independent

Are you finding it difficult to manage all that needs to be done at home due to health problems or lack of mobility?Are your children pressuring you to move out into a more manageable home? Or are you thinking you might have no choice despite the fact that no one is pressuring you because it’s just getting too difficult to maintain your home?

It’s tough to admit it but as we get older it’s not so easy to deal with all the little things that add up at home, especially if you’re suddenly alone because of the death of a spouse or other loved ones who just don’t have enough time to help you as much as you need to be helped.

Get Help with Household Chores

Whether you need help with major or minor household chores you might find it overwhelming and it’s important for your state of mind to do something about that as soon as possible.  There can be changes made to your home to make it easier to remain there. But even with this there may be the need to get some assistance either on an ongoing basis or occasionally, to help you with certain elements of living at home alone.

Some people opt to move to a place that’s easier to care for.Some move in with relatives or into assisted living facilities. But for some, they don’t want to give up their home or their privacy. A good alternative is to get some senior home care. Beckenham residents can have their pick of a variety of services that can make remaining independent and in your home easier.

Between assistance and a few changes that can be made to make your home (such as a walk-in tub, chair lift, safety rails, etc.,) you can make it more senior-friendly by getting some personalised help, Add to some minor adjustments some assistance from a qualified home care service in Bekchenhamand you could see a marked difference in your ability to remain independent in a place you want to live in. This could also put your loved ones (who are concerned about your being alone) at ease.

Remain Home and Fairly Independent

Senior home care Beckenham services can do everything from light housekeeping and cooking and helping with caring for pets, helping you with personal hygiene and medical help, and so forth. Talk to us at Kentish Homecare about your needs and we can help you explore ways to make remaining independent more feasible.

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