Night care service for seniors

Kentish Home Care is here for you if you or a family member need high quality night care services for seniors. If you or the person that needs care experience problems they require assistance with throughout the night, we can help. Our services are designed to ensure everyone gets the rest that they need, safe in the knowledge that quality care is being provided even in the small hours.

Getting a good night’s rest

There’s no denying that being a care giver can be tough. Providing care can be very satisfying, but it can also be tiring. If you are able to help during the days and evenings, but not in the night, we can bridge the gap. We’re one of the most highly-regarded care companies in the area and always go the extra mile to deliver the outstanding service our clients are looking for. Our night care services for seniors allow daytime carers such as friends, family members or partners to go “off duty”, allowing them to get the good night’s sleep they require safe in the knowledge that their loved one is receiving the quality care that they need.

Waking and Sitting Services

Not all people need the same kind of night care service for seniors. This is why we offer two different main types of night care, which are Waking Service and Sitting Service. If you or the elderly person need constant care throughout the night, a Waking Service could be the ideal option. If they need some help but not constant care, Sitting Service may be the right choice. With sitting service, care givers are able to nap, but are always available if the client needs them. We will discuss your options with you in depth so you can reach an informed decision on which form of care is the most suitable.

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