Medication management assessment for the elderly

Caring for the elderly can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. They’re at a stage in their lives where they need help more than ever, and knowing exactly how to approach the situation responsibly will help those that you’re caring for live happy and healthy lives.

Managing the healthcare of elderly people can be tough at times, but with enough resolve and common-sense the process can be a joy, and they will be more than grateful for the helping hand.

Managing medication properly

Many elderly people may even be reluctant to take their medication due to the taste or the uncomfortable method of administration. These types of medication could be crucial to their health and well being, with the possible chance of death if left too long.

With that in mind, be sure to monitor them as they take their medication – recording what’s been taken and at what time. Kentish Home Care’s medication management assessment for elderly people allows us to keep track of what has been taken and what hasn’t so you can properly track their progress.

Vigilance is required, and sometimes a little tough love, to ensure that they stay healthy. Kentish Home Care provides customers with consistent medication monitoring that helps you or your loved one stay on a strict regime of medication, even when dealing with several different doctors at a time.

Other helpful carer services

We at Kentish Home Care understand how serious medication is, and how detrimental to someone’s health it can be if the wrong medication is mixed together or if a prescription isn’t properly finished.

Be sure to check that the prescriptions are all correct when you go to collect them. Our carers are more than happy to collect prescriptions and query the pharmacists if something seems wrong with the prescription.

Call Kentish Home Care for reliable home medical care

For a comprehensive medication schedule and scrupulous monitoring for you or a loved one, Kentish Home Care can provide. We work closely with doctors to prepare the best possible schedule and also provide several services geared towards proper medical care.

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