Meals for Swallowing Difficulties

Old age can make somewhat simple task very challenging. These often result in the task being performed very slowly, but in the case of eating or swallowing food it can have some serious ramifications. Choking on something when there’s no-one around to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre could potentially kill someone.

At Kentish Home Care we understand how difficult some people have when it comes to chewing and swallowing foods. For the elderly and those who suffer from a swollen throat we provide a range of delicious meals that are designed to not only be nutritious, but also reduce the risk of choking.

Meals to prevent choking

Certain foods, while highly nutritious, are very commonly choked on. These include carrots, apples, popcorn and most types of meat.

Our delivery meals come in a form that is much more difficult to choke on, which works its way down your throat with minimal effort.

Less pain

Sometimes choking isn’t the biggest concern. Some people may suffer from medical conditions that make swallowing incredibly painful. You need to have proper meals to survive, but you shouldn’t be made to put up with the pain.

Our meals are prepared to make their way down your throat without the diner needing to swallow too hard.

Improve their diet

If you’re taking care of an elderly loved one, then you may know how difficult it can be to convince them to eat or drink. Their swallowing may not be hindered by any serious medical condition, but they might still be reluctant to eat any solids.

The texture may have changed, but all of the taste and nutrition is still there. Kentish Home Care delivered meals not only comes in a more manageable form, but they’re full of the nutrients needed to stay healthy and happy.

Eating should never have to be a chore, or be seen as a life threatening situation. With Kentish Home Care, we’re dedicated to help our customers enjoy their meals without causing harm to their throats or offering up cheap chemical substitutes.

Contact Kentish Home Care today to learn more about our meal delivery service.

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