Meal Preparation Assistance

It’s always important to maintain a good diet but elderly people living at home can often struggle to prepare meals for themselves. Many of the health problems that can occur in later life can be caused due to bad nutrition and this is why Kentish Home Care offers a meal preparation service as part of its personal care packages.

Our staff will work with clients to offer services such as creating shopping lists, buying ingredients and preparing meals. It can often be confusing to know which foods are and aren’t allowed depending on your health or medication but we know how to work to the requirements of a doctor or a dietician so that you can get the right nutrition from the right foods.

Whether you require full meal preparation or the preparation of snacks and beverages, all of the staff that we work with will be trained to the correct standards of proper food handling and hygiene. Sometimes something as simple as helping you to chop vegetables can greatly help you when it comes to preparing meals and it also gives you an opportunity to have someone to chat to while you cook. There are a number of different approaches that we can take, depending on how independent you want to be in the kitchen and we can even prepare your favourite recipes for you on request. If you have a diet that you need to follow, we will advise you on ways that you can stay committed to it and provide you with snacks that you can have throughout the day to make sure you’re never hungry.

Home care will allow you to remain comfortable and independent in your own home whilst having the correct amount of care depending on your needs. We can work alongside you to create a personalised meal preparation plan that you know you will enjoy and have one less thing to worry about day to day.

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