Managing the affairs of elderly people

The trials and tribulations of everyday life might need to be put on hold when you or a loved one suffer from a harmful condition. Kentish Home Care helps elderly people manage their finances, groceries and even helps them have a bit of fun without any stress or unnecessary fatigue.

Grocery shopping

Whether your loved one has trouble getting around or simply forgot some crucial bits and pieces for the kitchen, Kentish Home Care can keep them stocked up with essentials so that they don’t need to strain themselves travelling back and forth from the shops.

We also offer prescription pick-ups and medical care services. For more information, visit our Medication Assistance page.

Paying bills

Those who are busy with trips to the hospital or suffer from a serious condition can find it difficult to remember to pay the bills on time. To avoid the distress and upset of receiving an unexpected late payment letter, our caregivers can help manage finances to keep everything paid up to date.

We can also help with finances online in a confidential manner. We can sit with your loved one and get the information we need to make regular payments. This lets those who we care for focus on getting the rest they need.


Not everything is serious business, sometimes managing elderly people’s affairs can include keeping them entertained and happy. Our caregivers are more than happy to accompany your loved ones to interesting places to give them a break from the four walls.

Kentish Home Care can take elderly people to restaurants, theatres, cinemas and any other entertainment venue that they prefer. You don’t just get a care worker with Kentish Home Care, you also get a companion that can help vulnerable people enjoy a better quality of life.

Call Kentish Home Care for concise management

Our services can aid those who need a helping hand with day-to-day shopping and bills to help them concentrate on getting better. For more information about our services, please visit our services page.

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