Long Term Home Care Plans

Creating a long-term home care plan for your loved one

A care plan is something that needs to be put in place to set out how someone’s needs should be met. A successful care plan will be individual to a person, and you should aim to give your loved one as much input as possible to ensure that their physical, mental and social needs will all be met.

The care plan that you draw up should include:
•    What must be identified in the assessment
•    If the needs meet eligibility criteria
•    How your chosen care provider intends to meet these needs
•    The individual’s desired outcomes
•    The carer’s desired outcomes
•    Your budget

Once you’ve settled on your plan, it should always be reviewed on a regular basis so that you can identify whether the needs you have specified are being met and if any goals need to be changed.
How do you decide which is best?
Of course, there are a number of different home care options to choose from and some may meet your needs better than others. Whichever you choose for your loved one, you should make sure that it can help them to:

•    Live independently
•    Maintain control over their own life
•    Have access to employment and family
•    Help them to participate in society
•    Give them the best possible quality of life
•    Maintain dignity and respect

Home care for the elderly in their own home.

A good home care service comes with many benefits and it is often the best option for people to maintain their independence if a care worker is hired just to help with day to day tasks that your loved one may otherwise struggle with.  Privately owned organisations such as Kentish Homecare can provide a flexible amount of support from providing someone simply to help with household chores to round the clock care that allows your loved one to remain in their own home.

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