Let Kentish Homecare Help You with Housekeeping Duties

When you suffer from a debilitating illness, or even just have trouble keeping up with the daily demands of life due to age, Kentish Homecare offers housekeeping services to help you maintain the lifestyle you’re used to and keep your house tidy. Our company has over 20 years of experience in homecare. Bromley residents can experience the reasons we have an excellent reputation in the home care industry by contacting us for temporary or permanent housekeeping services.

Temporary Housekeeping Services

When you go through an unexpected illness or have to spend weeks or months recovering from a surgery, the basic household chores can become overwhelming. Positive thinking lets most people believe that they’ll be back to normal fairly quickly, but many people quickly realize that the fastest way to heal is through rest and relaxation. This means not stressing about household chores and errands.

With temporary homecare, Bromley residents can hire one of our carers to run the regular errands and tidy up the house. Whether it’s a quick stop to the store for groceries or running a mop or broom across the floor, our professionals strive to make you feel comfortable whilst you recover. If you’re temporarily on a special diet, you can give one of our carers your special food list and they’ll make sure to stock your pantry or fridge with the necessary foods needed during recovery.

Permanent Housekeeping Services

In some situation, taking care of your home just becomes too much. Don’t worry. You can hire someone to visit weekly to take care of the basic cleaning needs and shopping. Our carers will do the laundry, make the beds, handle the trash, dust, and do whatever regular tasks that you need.

With homecare in Bromley, you never have to worry that the things you’re used to doing won’t get done. There are no tasks too small for our professional carers, and we strive to insure that your home remains the comfortable environment you enjoy.

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