How to Seek Assistance for Home Care Funding

When you or a loved one needs home care, you may worry about funding home care on your budget. The truth is that receiving government support can be difficult for some and easy for others. Only the council can determine if someone meets the eligibility requirements to receive financial assistance for home care. If you need help funding home care, you can try to work directly with the home care agency that you want to work with because they will have specialists who know how to connect you with the necessary resources. A financial specialist at the home care agency can also tell you about packages they offer that help you save on costs while getting the care you need.

Applying for Social Care through the National Health Service

Social care is not available to everyone, but those showing severe financial restraints, or who are eligible based on the Mental Health Act, may receive some form of assistance. The government may give you an allowance to spend toward home care services. This assistance may cover all of your costs or only a portion of your costs, but it will provide you with some level of funding for personal services. Working directly with the home care agency may be the best way to get help with applying for assistance and exploring all of your options for funding home care.

If you are the direct caregiver of a person eligible for assistance, you may also qualify to receive financing to help pay for costs. There are certain requirements, such as providing care for a certain number of hours per week and proving that the person you care for is eligible for disability benefits, but it’s a great way to get additional funding that you can use for health services.

Funding Home Care Privately

If you don’t qualify for social care and can’t get any other type of assistance, you may have to pay for home care services privately. The home health care agency you choose may offer different types of packages to help make personal care affordable. The agency may also offer their own financing or make recommendations for ways you can apply for financing. Many people find that respite care is affordable, but if you need 24-hour care or overnight care, you may need to find alternate ways to finance these services.

Private paying has its benefits, as you won’t need to wait for approval as you do with social care. However, if money is tight and you don’t believe you will be able to afford home care, a representative from the home care agency should be able to supply you with the resources you need to apply for funding or alternate financing. The best thing to do is plan ahead for future healthcare needs and save some money that you can use for future home services. This way, if you don’t qualify for social care, you will have some money to pay for basic home care services.

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