How to encourage independence in the home

You might know someone – like a friend a relative, perhaps even your partner – who has just come out of a hospital stay lasting several days, weeks or months and is now in a period of rehabilitation. You should keep in mind that this particular stage could last longer than you initially anticipated. However, in the meantime, you can still encourage your loved one to find their feet again.

Remote control? Yes, control more remotely

In the attempt to make sure that the loved one is – and will stay – okay, you might seek to control many aspects of their lifestyle. You could be afraid to relinquish this control; after all, couldn’t that person inadvertently stumble into trouble from which you could have kept them away?
However, by loosening your control only subtly, you can encourage them to direct their own life while still preventing them running into too much difficulty. So, rather than issuing orders at them, you could ask them what they are interested in doing.

Show positivity to encourage change.

When Bobby McFerrin sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in the 1980s, he could have easily been referring to the attitude that caregivers can benefit from adopting. After all, positivity can rub off – and that’s essential given how slow and challenging the path towards independence can prove.

Therefore, remember to acknowledge and celebrate whatever little victories your loved one makes as they endeavour to become more independent. In reaction to you, they are less likely to deem that journey hopeless. Remember: just feeling, rather than voicing, negativity could risk spreading it.

Give them a choice of friends and lifestyle.

Independence is fundamentally about having choice. For that reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to let your loved one do what they want in terms of hobbies. They should also be allowed to choose what people to invite into the house to meet up with. Through giving your loved one such choice, you can encourage them to grow and develop as an individual.

Draw upon professional rehabilitation services.

If you feel that you lack experience or knowhow concerning rehabilitation, you might take comfort in seeking professional assistance. We can provide such assistance – and tailor our rehabilitation service to satisfy your loved one’s particular requirements.
The service can include – for example – helping them with not only walking, but also personal care duties like washing and dressing and household tasks such as cleaning and cooking.
Call Kentish Homecare on 0208 658 4455 to learn how our rehabilitation offerings can help someone slowly transition to independence.

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