How personal care assessments work

Personal care assessments are something that can be necessary for certain people, especially if they happen to suffer from a chronic illness or are recovering from surgery. This is when Kentish Homecare recommend that you put aside ego and seek the help of our services. Even though we understand that people wish to maintain a certain level of independence, sometimes this just isn’t a viable option and they need to accept that they might need just a little assistance.

Going about creating a plan

Kentish Homecare hire only the people we know are best-suited for the job, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not our member of staff will be up for the task of personal care.  The thing to remember is that there is no plan that is suitable for everyone, because every individual has their own unique circumstances and will require different needs and services. We understand this and aim to tackle the issue in a unique way with each person who requires our help.

When it comes to the personal care assessment, a member of our time will look at your current situation in terms of your health and then actually work alongside you in crafting up a plan that you find suitable. As personal care assessments are vitally important, you should take this time to voice any worry you might have or ask the carer a question that you haven’t  managed to find the answer to. It is also reasonable to want a close friend or family member with you during such a time, so you simply have to request this and then an appropriate time for everybody can be arranged.

The importance of assessments

If you are someone who is in need of care, then personal care assessments are very important because they will establish exactly what needs to be done. It gives you a chance to discuss things first-hand with a professional and to put together exactly what needs to be done in terms of your own individual care needs, therefore paving the way for your recovery.

Kentish Homecare take this topic very seriously and you can find out all the appropriate information regarding the assessments through the page on our website.

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