Hospital Rehabilitation

Getting back to normal after a long hospital stay

If you have only recently left hospital, don’t be disheartened if your mood stills feels far from that of your pre-hospital days. Leaving hospital doesn’t strictly mean that your health has been entirely restored; it simply means that you are sufficiently well to be home again. Therefore, leaving hospital can really be just another step on the road to rehabilitation recovery; so, how you can you continue to foster your recovery once you are back at home? Here are some tips.

Maintain a personal cleaning regime

Simple routines in looking after personal hygiene, such as showering and washing hair, can feel utterly exhausting in the aftermath of a lengthy stay in hospital. After emerging from a shower, you might feel the need to sit down on a towel for a few minutes to regain your energy. However, it remains crucial that you reliably keep yourself clean. Your hospital stay may have resulted in sores that, on your body, can heal more easily when you preserve your cleanliness.

Don’t miss follow-up appointments

Once you are out of hospital, you might still have regular appointments to attend with a medical professional. These meet-ups can leave you feeling like you have barely left hospital life behind. However, attending them is crucial for helping you fully return to wellness.

You should keep this in mind if your recovery is progressing at such an unexpectedly slow pace that you often feel the need to cancel plans with friends or forgo volunteer commitments.

Develop and maintain a support network

Galling though it may often feel for you to forgo meeting up with friends or family, you should still be aware of how much maintaining a broad network of supportive people could make the experience of recovering feel like less of an ordeal.
That doesn’t just have to mean keeping in touch with close friends, who could come to understand that your energy levels won’t be as high as they used to be. You could also join online communities of other people who have spent a lot of time hospitalised and so can relate to your struggles.

Don’t be afraid to seek help at home

In the wait for the more familiar feelings of home life to return, you may appreciate homecare assistance with carrying out a range of household responsibilities. Those could include washing yourself, getting dressed, vacuum cleaning, mopping and, on a once- or twice-weekly basis, doing laundry.

At Kentish Homecare, we have staff who can handle all of these tasks and more on your behalf. More details about our services in both personal care and housekeeping are on our website, while you can also phone 0208 658 4455 to further educate yourself about our services.

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