Home Remedies for Aches and Pains of Aging

People of all ages are prone to aches and pains now and again. Unfortunately, aging brings with it the tendency to suffer from them a lot more, even as bad as being chronic aches and pains.

There are things that can be done to ease what feels like a daunting, debilitating ailment, though. – a lot of them will be much easier to find than you think!

•  Heat and ice – both are a common inflammation reliever, with heat tending to help muscle stiffness and joint pain, whilst ice is good for the likes of headache pain. In a similar vein, a warm bath, shower, or hot water bottle can help in the same way. Remember to be careful with the likes of heating pads and microwaveable heating pads – which can burn if left on for too long.

•  Turmeric- it may sound odd, but the common household spice contains a natural antioxidant called Curcumin, which helps to fight against cell and tissue damage in the body.

•  Deep breathing – slow, quiet breathing is known for relaxing and easing both body and mind. Breathe long and deep – as if you’re filling a balloon in your belly with air – and you’ll feel relief in no time at all.

•  Medication – as good as natural remedies are, it sometimes takes something a tad stronger to make that ache or pain go away. A chat with your healthcare provider will ensure that you’re taking the right medication for your specific ailment, and one that isn’t going to have any detrimental effects on your health in another way.

If you’re particularly struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact a care provider such as Kentish Homecare. If you’re finding that pain is getting in the way of activities such as bathing, cooking, or shopping, our team will be more than happy to devise a care plan that meets your needs.

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