Home Help

What is home help

Home help services support and assist vulnerable people in the community who, through old age, illness or disability, are unable to fulfill their everyday tasks. Home help allows people to remain in their own home while receiving the level of care that they need and this can either be given by the NHS or by an independent home care agency. With home help, you can get everything from personal care to home security.

What are the benefits of home help

Probably the greatest benefit of home help is that it allows those in need to remain in their own home. The fact that they continue to live in familiar surroundings will take away any of the stress that may come with moving to a residential home and is particularly beneficial with those who suffer from conditions such as dementia. Home help will not disrupt the daily routine of a person and allow them to keep hold of their independence.
Care and support for a vulnerable person must be personalised to their own needs and wants. Home help services allow for a tailored program of care that can be as flexible as needed to fit around their lifestyle. For many people, the care that they already receive will be from a loved one such as a parent, a spouse or a child but with tailored home help, carers and support workers can share the responsibility or take over care altogether, easing something that may become a burden.

It is understandable that some people may not wish to ask for the help that they require for aspects in their everyday life but with home help, they are able to choose as little or as much help as they need and continue to receive the correct support even if their needs change. Extra support can easily be added and can include things such as personal care, housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, someone to stay overnight or more specialist home help services for those suffering from dementia, a physical disability or other long-term health conditions.

To find out more about home help services, visit the Kentish Home Care services page or browse NHS directories to find the right service for you or your loved one.

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