Home Health Care in Bromley

Searching for home health care in Bromley? Your search may just be over with Kentish Home Care.

Of course, we understand that the term ‘home health care’ is a tad general, so we thought it would be wise to discuss the different types of care that we offer that it could refer to, and how we excel in delivering it.

Medication- as you get older, it’s only natural that you may find yourself requiring more and more medication as time goes on. You may also find it harder to manage them and to take them at the right time/dosage, especially if you’re on an excessive amount for a health condition. If you’re struggling, one of our carers will help you with from labelling medications, to picking up prescriptions, to informing you of side effects or other information about the medication – all whilst efficiently communicating with you the whole time.

Meal preparation- maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is of the utmost importance – even when you aren’t feeling your best. Our team can help with any aspect of doing so – be it making meals in bulk and freezing them for you to heat up later, to freshly preparing a range of meals, snacks, and beverages, to helping you stick to any dietary plans or requirements you may have.

Personal care services – personal care services concerns personal matters such as washing, using the bathroom, and any other tasks regarding hygiene, appearance, or wellbeing. Be it that you simply need someone to help you brush your hair, or someone that helps you get dressed, or someone that helps you shower or bathe, our carers will help you to do so with the utmost respect for your privacy and dignity.

Housekeeping – having clean and pleasant surroundings is a much bigger contribution to health and wellbeing than you may think. As you get older, you may begin to find it harder to keep up with your daily chores. Thankfully, the team at Kentish Homecare can assist with this also. We can do anything from daily dusting, to deep cleaning such as vacuuming and sanitising surfaces, to washing and making the beds.

These are just a few of the home health care services that we offer, though. To find out more about what we can do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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