Helping the elderly at Christmas

Christmas is a time for love and togetherness; a time for congregating with loved ones and looking back on the past year with fondness. However, for some Christmas is a very lonely time of year. Whether their family live far away, or their loved ones have sadly passed away, many elderly people spend Christmas completely alone.

No-one should be made to experience the most wonderful time of the year depressed and alone. That’s where Kentish Home Care comes in.

We offer our extensive care services to our elderly customers over the Christmas holidays to make sure they see in the New Year with a smile on their face.


We’re much more than a care service, we’re a friend. We’re there to provide company who those without any visitors or places to go on Christmas Day.

Sometimes our customers don’t really want to be waited on hand and foot, and instead just want someone to talk to. Companionship is something we feel is really important, and is at the core of all of our care services.

Help with Christmas dinner

Kentish Home Care will gladly help with dinner as well. We can cook the Christmas dinner for them and even help to teach them the skills they need to cook for themselves in the future.

We don’t just offer this service over Christmas either. All year round, Kentish Home Care offers help with food preparation so that our customers can retain a sense of independence. They can learn to cook for themselves so they aren’t reliant on anyone else doing it for them.

Everyone is entitled to a merry Christmas

If you’re unable to care for a loved one because you’re too far away or have other engagements that need your attention, don’t let them spend Christmas alone because of it.

With our sitting service and 24-hour respite care we can give them the Christmas they deserve. Please contact us today to ask about our services

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