Help for family caregivers

Help for family caregivers

Caring for an elderly parent can be highly rewarding, but it can also be exhausting too. If you need to take a break to recharge your batteries but still require first-class support to be given to a loved one, we can step in. At Kentish Home Care, we can help with an array of activities such as helping your relative eat, dress and bath, remember their medications, housekeeping and more. We can give you the assistance you need and help you rest assured that your loved one is still receiving the care, attention and support they require.

First-class respite care

Respite care enables family caregivers to get the rest they need. It can be booked on an hourly, daily or weekly basis and allows you to unwind or focus on other urgent matters. Whether you need help for an afternoon here and there or for a longer period of time, we are more than happy to step in to deliver the necessary services. Caring for an aging relative can be tiring and even overwhelming, and once you start to feel drained, the quality of care you’re giving can start to slip due to no fault of your own. We can help you remain in a positive mental state, giving you time to enjoy hobbies and interests or simply give other duties the attention they require.

Sharing care duties with you

Why not talk to us today if you’ve been looking for extra support for family caregivers? Combining family and respite care can be a highly-efficient way of ensuring your needs and those of a loved one are met without your family member’s safety and health being thrown into jeopardy. We are waiting to hear from you if you require first-class respite care, so get in touch today.

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