Fire safety for seniors

Having a fire alarm in your home can save lives, but that’s not often to keep you safe. This is true for elderly people as well. There are several fire hazards present in the average household, so it helps to stay prepared in the event of a fire.

Organize fire drills

It goes without saying that you should regularly check your fire alarm, but the alarm isn’t going to be of any help if the elderly person doesn’t know what to do in the event of a fire. Panic can take over and could put them at risk if a fire were to actually occur.

Get them ready by holding fire drills that teaches them to calmly exit the bed, leave their possessions and indicates the route they should follow to leave the house.

Watch out for cigarettes

One of the most common causes of house fires is cigarettes. If any elderly person was smoking one, or planning to smoke one, and they fall asleep with it in their hand, it could create a small fire on the sofa, which could spread and set the entire room on fire in a matter of minutes.

Keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t doze off while they smoke. Kentish Home Care provides comprehensive care services that can ensure that the elderly person is never alone or put in harms way

Provide an easy exit

If the elderly person in question has trouble going up and down the stairs then exiting the building when it’s on fire might be a problem. A fire might break out in the middle of the night, and if the fire alarm sounds and wakes the person up, they won’t be able to make their way down the stairs quick enough.

Even if they have a stair lift installed, that isn’t going to allow them to descend fast enough to escape a fire. Sleeping upstairs puts that person in a great deal of danger, so why not consider moving them into a downstairs room?
That way they can reach the front door quickly and put themselves out of harm’s way.

Keep them protected from fires

On top of helping with day-to-day tasks, bathing and cooking, Kentish Home Care’s services also include making their home a safe place to live. We’ll ensure that there are no fire hazards on site. Get in touch to learn more about fire safety precautions or to ask about our services.

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