Finding the right care facility for your elders

Although we must stress that every individual case is going to be different, and that it is likely that it will be a fairly difficult task, there are several pieces of advice regarding finding the right car facility for your elders which will most likely make the process flow a lot more smoothly.

First of all, it’s important to ask the person going into care about their needs and wants. It’s no good looking for a care facility that meets your needs or someone else’s needs, as opposed to one that meets the needs of the person actually going into care. For example, they may wish to go to one in a certain location, already have a friend in one, or may simply have a good feeling about a certain place.

Next, you need to think about the likes of medical requirements, or what exactly it is that the person going into care needs help with. For example, it could prove to be rather demeaning to place someone who is practically perfectly capable of caring for themselves in a home that specialises in dementia care, the same as placing someone who needs assistance with eating and bathing in an independent living housing complex.

Lastly, don’t settle for second best.  If you have a bad feeling about somewhere, go with your gut. There’s a fine line between rushing to find a good care home and leaving it too late, but attempt to walk it means that you find a home that you or your loved one feels safe, happy, and comfortable in, as opposed to having to find something else a week or so later.

For further assistance with finding the right care facility, please don’t hesitate to contact Kentish Homecare

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