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Regardless of your age, abilities, or ailments, it’s only natural that you may need someone to care for you if you’ve recently been in hospital. Returning home can be both a blessing and a curse, mind. As much as a relief as it is, you may find it harder to perform tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

The Elderly Rehabilitation service that Kentish Homecare offers helps you/ a loved one through an often difficult period of rehabilitation.

As with all of our services, the care you receive will vary depending on your needs and requirements.

For example, you may find it perfectly easy to get around the house, take care of hygiene and appearance, and other tasks, but you may struggle to maintain a new diet that the hospital has instructed you to follow. If this was the case, our carers would make assisting with meal preparation a priority.

Another example could be that you’re having a hard time with most basic everyday tasks, and that you may require more constant care. Again, our carers would communicate with you and your family or friends to establish a comprehensive care plan that covered everything from helping with going to the bathroom, to brushing hair, to shopping.

Finally, it may be that you/ a loved one is finding it difficult to keep track of any new medication that they’ve been prescribed. A carer of ours would take this into account within the care plan, and would assist with anything from labelling medication, to discussing doses and times, to notifying you of any side effects they may have – anything to help you keep organised and feel at ease.

Whatever it is that’s going to help you through a difficult period of readjustment, our carers will do their absolute utmost to perfect the bespoke care plan, and to help with any sensitive or private tasks with as much respect, privacy, and the wish to maintain as much independence as possible.

To find out more about our comprehensive elderly rehabilitation service, please don’t hesitate to contact Kentish Homecare.

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