Dental Problems in Seniors

Even if we take extra good care of our teeth, it’s an unfortunate truth that they are going to deteriorate eventually over time. But tooth decay and other dental problems are far from irreversible. Identifying problems early on and taking the steps necessary.

Kentish Home Care helps elderly clients to stay on top of their dental hygiene and prevent gum disease or other painful dental ailments. Here are just some of the most common dental problems among senior citizens.

Darkened teeth
There is a multitude of ways that teeth can be darkened over time. Those who smoke regularly or frequently eat and drink stain-causing food and drink. Proper cleaning and teeth whitening solutions can help delay the effect, but the easiest way is to stick to a good diet.

Our care services include home meal preparation for the elderly, as well as teaching key skills to help them cook healthier meals too, which will keep their teeth from losing their whiteness.

Gum disease
Gum disease destroys the tissue surrounding teeth and is caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Again, the diet can be to blame for this one, but gum disease can also happen to those who smoke or those who suffer from diabetes, cancer or anaemia. Gum disease can also be brought about by wearing ill-fitting dentures.

Dry mouth
Dry mouth is often a side effect of certain medications, which restricts the flow of saliva in a person’s mouth. Commonly this occurs during cancer treatment trials that rely on radiation to fight cancer.

Regular visit the dentists
Regularly visiting the dentists is a good idea even if you don’t think you have anything wrong with your teeth. There doesn’t need to be pain for there to be a problem, and leaving it too late could let any one of these issues crop up and cost more in expensive dental treatments.

The issue may sometimes be leaving the house to get to the dentists. We offer a comprehensive care service that includes helping the elderly make it to important doctor’s appointments, chiropodists and dental clinics to keep them healthy and happy.

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