Dementia and Alzheimer’s care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are both some of the most debilitating things that can happen to a person, and they’ll most likely develop at an elderly age. Dementia isn’t a disease as such, but instead a collection of symptoms that are associated with a decline of thinking, reasoning, and remembering. Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia, and is terminal. It causes memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, changes in personality, disorientation, and the inability to communicate.

Sadly, these ailments get progressively more severe as time goes on. Sooner or lately, it’s likely that the sufferer will need around the clock care. However, if you feel as though you cannot provide 24-hour care to somebody with dementia – which is highly likely – there are several other options available.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s care can either be provided in a specialist care home, or in the sufferers own home.

Specialist care homes which cater with dementia are more commonly found than you may think. They act just as a normal care home would, but will be run by staff who are specially trained to look after those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s important to take your time to thoroughly assess the care home – be it for the staff’s competency, the arrangements regarding outings or social activities, or what the care home to do ensure that all residents feel as comfortable, safe, and as happy as they possibly can.

If preferred, you can arrange for 24-hour care within the person suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s home. Sometimes, it may be best or more suitable to keep the person suffering in their own home; remembering that both dementia and Alzheimer’s can cause large amounts of confusion and disorientation, placing them into an unfamiliar building with unfamiliar people may help to further worsen their condition.

Whatever your choice may be, be sure to communicate with your loved one about what option they would prefer – after all, the decision is going to impact them the most.

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