Customised Elderly Rehabilitation Service Options Can Help You or Your Loved One Get Independent Again

Do you or does one of your loved ones require elderly rehabilitation service?  There area number of instances where this can be extremely important and extremely helpful, too, including:

•    Post-surgery
•    After an accident
•    After a lengthy illness
•    Due to a sudden decline in health

Rehabilitation to Get Back to Your Old Self

The right rehabilitation service for the elderly can mean that they’re able to get up and about, that they can resume activities they enjoy, and can even mean the difference between being able to attend to personal hygiene matters and requiring a round-the-clock carer.

While recovering from illness or surgery, carers can help with getting the patient up and about, helping with hygiene and household duties, as well as anything related to post-operative or post-illness care, helping with ensuring the patient has the very best chance of a full recovery. Cooking, housekeeping, shopping, and assisting with personal affairs can even be part of the service offering.

Rehabilitation When Life Needs to Change

Of course the amount of independence that can be gained will vary, depending on the health of the person requiring the rehabilitation service. There may be the need for everyday adjustments to account for the change in their health. In this case, rehabilitation services aren’t just available to help people get back to where they were before the illness or surgery but can help people also when they need to adjust to a new lifestyle based on changes to their mobility or their abilities.

The right rehabilitation services can help your elderly loved one get back to their old self. They could get back to a new and improved version of their older self, even — depending on the reason they need elderly rehabilitation services. But the sooner you arrange it, the sooner you can look forward to an improvement. The right service can make a marked difference in the physical as well as emotional status of someone who has recently suffered a health setback.

Talk to us at Kentish Homecare about your needs for elderly rehabilitation service and we would be pleased to help arrange the service and personalised assistance from a caring and compassionate professional who can help optimise your recovery.

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