Care of the Elderly

How does home care improve the lives of the elderly?

We know how distressing it could be for you to see a parent or other loved one increasingly losing their physical independence as they age. This can lead them to become more reliant on others. However, you might not always be available when your loved one needs you, while the mere prospect of putting them in a care home could also upset you. Here is where home care can help.

Older adults get to stay in their own homes

While the elderly may become more hindered in their independence over time, they don’t want – or, thanks to home care, need – to lose their familiar surroundings as well.
When cared for by our professionals, your ageing relative can stay in their reassuringly familiar residence – and, crucially, similarly comforting local area – for longer.

Home care can be tailored to what the individual wants

Our nursing staff understand that patients can vary in their requirements and preferences for homecare. For this reason, our staff are willing to work alongside you in putting together a care plan customised to take particular account of the individual.
Our staff are content to not only help look after patients’ health but also handle such routine chores as cooking and cleaning. Indeed, this degree of flexibility, which can extend as far as letting clients choose when to eat their lunch, is not always a practical possibility in retirement homes.

Home care can give elderly clients valuable companionship.

Other problems which older adults can face due to their loss of independence include feeling abandoned, socially excluded or simply lonely. However, in retirement homes, care workers can often struggle to find enough one-to-one time with clients to dissipate such adverse emotions.

Being instead served by a homecare professional – whether through regular visits or a 24-hour residency with the client – can help that client to overcome their emotional issues. The care worker can do this through providing one-to-one attention to that client, with whom they can develop a friendly, personal relationship that will long last.

Do you need home care for Kent-based relatives?

We have already brought these benefits to many elderly residents of Kent – and can do the same for other ageing loved ones in various parts of the county, including Bromley and Beckenham. If you require home care for an elderly relative in Kent, we invite you to phone our company, Kentish Homecare, on 0208 658 4455 to arrange a 60-minute consultation at no charge.

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