Best meal delivery service

Some elderly people may have trouble making their own food, especially if they have lived most of their life relying on their significant other to cook for them.

If you or someone you care for is having trouble cooking their own meals, Kentish Homecare can help. We offer convenient delivery of full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus some small snacks and beverages throughout the day.

Great nutrition, zero effort

Kentish Home Care can make sure that all of our customers maintain a healthy and nutritious diet without them having to do anything.

Our straight-forward delivery service will send healthy, delicious meals straight to our customer’s doorsteps on a regular basis so that they don’t even need to phone us up.

We make sure to work in line with any dietary requirements you may have too, preparing meals that you will definitely enjoy that won’t interfere with a course of medication.

Help for widowers

Sometimes the elderly need assistance cooking their own meals. Those who relied on their spouse to cook their meals for them might now not know what to do now that they’ve passed away.

The sadness that follows their passing could result in under-eating or frequent phone-calls to takeaway places. We at Kentish Home Care want to make sure that all of our customers are well-fed and happy. Our prompt delivery service can provide seniors with snacks and food for each important meal of the day.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner we have something that will taste great and keep our clientele healthy.

Contact Kentish Home Car for amazing meal delivery services

Not only do we provide food delivery services, but we can also assist in home meal preparation. Our carers can visit the homes of our elderly customers and show them some basic food preparation skills. This way, they can prepare their own food and retain a sense of independence.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about what Kentish Homecare can offer you and your loved ones.

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