Benefits of respite care for the elderly

There are many benefits attached to respite care for elderly people. Respite care providers like Kentish Home Care can help if an elderly person’s primary carer needs a break to recharge their batteries after a lengthy spell of looking after a loved one. Many elderly people are drawn to staying in their own homes as opposed to moving into sheltered accommodation, which means family members often need to be called upon to provide care. No matter how good relations between the elderly person and the person providing the care are, it’s inevitable that the carer will require a break at some point. This is where Kentish Home Care comes in.

Time to unwind

Sometime the elderly person is not the only big responsibility that the caregiver has. Respite care provides carers with the opportunity to get away from it all for a few days safe in the knowledge that the person they care for is getting the attention that they need to stay healthy and happy. Kentish Home Care can help if you’re a caregiver that requires a little time for yourself. Respite care also allows the elderly person to spend time away from their carer. It gives carers the time they need to focus on personal or business matters, or to simply relax.
Get the amount of care you need

We can provide respite care for a few hours or several days. Care can consist of all sorts of help, from personal care like bathing, dressing and help getting out of bed to practical home care including cooking, cleaning and washing. We can also provide the elderly person with assistance on medication whilst spending quality time with them if this is needed. Talk to Kentish Home Care today if you need to arrange respite care for an elderly person as soon as possible.

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